Goth’s home for sale in Illinois impresses Zillow Gone Wild


the outside

the outside

Screenshot from Zillow

A wickedly gorgeous home on the real estate market in Lincoln, Illinois, has managed to grab the attention of a popular social media page thanks to its stark lack of color.

the outside Screenshot from Zillow

“A mysterious black octagon-shaped house on a large, secluded plot of 0.52 acres!” The listing on Zillow describes this baffling two-bedroom, two-bathroom home. “No square rooms – exceptional design!”

the outside Screenshot from Zillow

The 1,547-square-foot home, listed for $250,000, has a sleek interior to match its cool black exterior along with some high-end features that might interest any new buyer:

the interior Screenshot from Zillow

“Sleek, sexy, and undoubtedly unique is this Midwest fashion maker!” Describe the list.

the interior Screenshot from Zillow

The property became a spectacle on Zillow Gone Wild as fans blew up the comments section of the house listing.

Living room Screenshot from Zillow

“Why is everyone trying to draw it?” asked one person. “I love it the way it is, except for the neon/motivational signs. They will have to take those with them.”

the interior Screenshot from Zillow

“Awesome home! It only needs a few 5 gallon buckets of primer, and a few more paint to brighten the place up! Another fan said.

kitchen Screenshot from Zillow

“I couldn’t live there, but the inside is so cool,” one person remarked. “The outward appearance is like the absence of all light.”

kitchen Screenshot from Zillow

Another joked, “I really love what you did with the summer house, Batman.”

Water Cycle Screenshot from Zillow

One fan said, “I’m not goth but I think this house is really cool.” “Nothing won’t fix some paint and crafts.”

Bedrooms Screenshot from Zillow

“The kitchen has a weird design, isn’t it?” One person noticed. “And (what) is it with the separate driveway, like why can’t they take down the tree and make the whole driveway one? I hate it. But I love this house.”

Water Cycle Screenshot from Zillow

Another fan said, “This is a beautiful home for the price.” At least they have good taste. I like the scattered feeling, but home. The wraparound porch is to die for! 3 car garage! I love the goth vibe! The cheerful affirmation signs are big bags that kick me out though.”

the outside Screenshot from Zillow

“When you’re goth on the outside, but have a hidden love for those happy home motivational signs on the inside,” another joked.

Lincoln is located about 126 miles northeast of Belleville.

This story was originally published December 20, 2021, 12:22 p.m.

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