Governor Hochhol announced the start of construction work on $75 million to rehabilitate public housing in Ithaca

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Governor Cathy Hochhol today announced a $75 million project to upgrade and preserve two old Ithaca Housing Authority properties with a total of 36 apartments, and replace another old authority property with 82 new, affordable apartments. The Ithaca Housing Authority’s 118-unit redevelopment is designed to be fully electric and has secured funding through the Clean Energy Initiative for Multifamily Buildings program. A view of the project can be accessed over here.

“My management is steadfast in our commitment to maintaining and creating affordable housing that is sustainable, high-quality, and comfortable,” Governor Hochul said. “Today’s investment of $75 million will help strengthen communities and provide new opportunities for the residents of Ithaca. We will continue to upgrade and modernize New York’s offering of public housing in the southern tier to provide a more stable and equitable future for the next generation.”

The Ithaca Housing Authority’s redevelopment complements Governor Hochhol’s comprehensive plans to make housing more affordable, equitable, and stable. In the 2022-23 state budget, the governor introduced and succeeded in securing a new five-year, $25 billion housing plan that would increase the housing supply by creating or maintaining 100,000 affordable homes across New York, including 10,000 with utilities. Support for vulnerable residents, plus electrification of an additional 50,000 homes.

As part of this redevelopment, two buildings will be significantly renovated, Overlook Terrace and Southview Garden. Overlook Terrace contains five apartment buildings with ten apartments. Southview Gardens has four apartment buildings with 36 apartments, a community building, and a laundry and mechanical equipment building.

The rehabilitation work will include individual renovations to the apartments such as replacement and updating of doors, floors, bathrooms, kitchens and appliances. Major capital improvements will include mechanical and electrical improvements; replacement of water heaters and ovens with an all-electric option; improve washing facilities; and replacement of entry doors, vinyl and aluminum sides, piping and inlays, windows, and roofs. Buildings contain asbestos-containing material that will be treated and/or encapsulated for a healthier living environment. Site work will include replacement of existing concrete walkways, fencing, and landscaping.

The Northside Apartments, which currently have 70 apartments, are now obsolete and will be demolished to make way for an affordable new development comprising 17 apartment buildings with a total of 82 apartments – 12 more than the original thanks to a remodel that adds a much needed one-bedroom apartments. The new development will include a one-story community building with kitchen, office space and laundry room.

All three facilities will be highly energy efficient and have an all-electric building design in accordance with New York’s Leading Climate Driving Community Protection and Building Emissions Act. Additional energy efficiency measures will include heat-reflective ceiling systems with tapered insulation, ENERGY STAR rated appliances, energy-efficient lighting, and low-flux plumbing fixtures to achieve the expected 15% of total energy savings.

In total, there will be 20 one-bedroom units, 34 two-bedroom units, 40 three-bedroom units, 22 four-bedroom units, and two five-bedroom units. All apartments are intended for families earning at or below 80 percent of the median income in the area.

Tenants of Southview Gardens and Overlook Terrace will be temporarily relocated and have the right to return to their original apartments.

All 118 apartments will be covered under the new Section 8 project-based, housing assistance payment contracts issued under HUD guidelines for public housing authorities.

The developer is a joint venture between 3d Development Group and Cayuga Housing Development Corporation, a not-for-profit subsidiary of the Ithaca Housing Authority.

Government funding for the $75 million Ithaca Housing Authority redevelopment includes $10.6 million in permanent tax-exempt bonds, federal tax credits for low-income housing that will generate $29.7 million in equity, and $18.8 million in support from state homes New York and Society Renewal. The project received $1.4 million from the Clean Energy Initiative. Other funding sources include $9.3 million from the Ithaca Housing Authority, $300,000 from the Tompkins County Community Housing Fund, and approximately $91,000 from Ithaca Urban Renewal.

A clean energy initiative developed by New York State Homes and Community Renewal and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority to create more than 1,500 energy-efficient, fully electric or power-equipped, climate-friendly and affordable homes in existing multifamily buildings across the state.

Homes and Community Renovation Commissioner Ruth Ann Wisnauskas said, “This $75 million investment in the Ithaca Housing Authority speaks to our commitment to modernizing and protecting our affordable housing assets. Redesigning these apartments will provide modern, energy-efficient homes for 118 families, maintain affordability and extend useful lives from these buildings for decades to come. Governor Hochhol’s bold and forward-looking housing agenda ensures a brighter and safer future for public housing residents in Ithaca and across the entire state.”

President and CEO of the New York State Energy Research Authority Doreen M. Harris“NYSERDA is pleased to see construction begin on the Ithaca Housing Authority redevelopment project, which demonstrates that clean, flexible, and affordable housing is accessible to all New Yorkers. Through the Clean Energy Initiative, we are working with our sister agency, New York State Homes and Community Renovation, To make strategic investments in multi-family buildings such as those being developed through this project, which reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide healthier, more comfortable and resilient living spaces.”

Senator Chuck Schumer said, “Every New Yorker deserves safe, affordable housing, but a historic lack of investment has caused a housing crisis in places like Ithaca. I am proud that the federal tax credit for low-income housing I have struggled to protect and expand has saved the millions needed to make these new homes with Affordable prices are a reality. Housing is a human right and I will continue to fight for every dollar of federal support needed to help lay the foundation in Ithaca for a brighter, “gorges” and more equitable future for all residents.”

Senator Tom O’Mara said: “The state’s investments in safe and affordable housing continue to enhance the neighborhood fabric and quality of life for tenants and residents of Ithaca and the communities throughout this region and state. It is an important commitment that will provide critical and long-term benefits.”

Society member Anna Kellis said, “I am encouraged to see this project move forward at a time when rising rents, increasing housing prices, and a lack of supply have exacerbated the housing and affordability crisis. We must continue to create affordable and safe housing for low- and middle-income families. This project addresses this need of During the rehabilitation of 36 units, the complete replacement of 70 old and unsafe units with 82 new, safe and sustainable units.This project will add 118 units 12 new units, including two one-bedroom and two-bedroom units.Currently experiencing a severe shortage in Ithaca and all will be rented Units at 80% of Area Average Income (AMI).We hope this is just another step in a long-needed path to add to our affordable housing stock.The project’s sustainability goals are also applauded through all units in this electrically constructed housing project. Completely with air source heat pumps providing heating and cooling, in line with the city’s strict climate goals for the city of Ithaca and Tompkins County.”

Acting Mayor of Ithaca, Laura Lewis, said, “The City of Ithaca is pleased to have the support of several partner agencies in the much-needed redevelopment of low-income housing. Major renovations at Overlook Terrace, Southview Garden, and at Northside Apartments complete replacement of older buildings first constructed in decades, will provide families with Environmentally efficient, high-quality homes. This investment in our community will benefit generations of Ithakan.”

Speaker of the Tompkins County Legislature Shauna M. said: This project is an excellent example of revitalizing affordable housing options in Tompkins County. We are proud of what the Ithaca Housing Authority brings to our community and that these projects will be energy efficient and compliant with the New York State Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act. We thank the State of New York, the Ithaca Housing Authority, and the Tompkins County Community Housing Trust for contributing to these developments. I can’t wait to see the construction work start and people go home.”

Head of 3D Development Group, Bruce Levine, said, “Our focus has been on the needs of current tenants, future tenants, the community at large, and the global need to improve energy sustainability and reduce fossil fuel emissions. This project was made possible by the support it received from state, federal and local government agencies. With everyone’s inclusion and belief in goals and initiative, the The end result will transform the Ithaca Northside neighborhood for decades to come.”

Ithaca Housing Authority Executive Director Brenda Westfall said, “Our vision and ultimate goal is to provide quality, affordable housing to current and future tenants while ensuring that properties are energy efficient and meet energy sustainability goals for decades to come. The City of Ithaca, it is very rewarding to witness the commitment and support Provided by many different agencies to bring our vision to life. This project will improve and maintain the quantity and quality of affordable housing that we can provide while complementing the landscape of the neighborhoods in which the properties are located.”

Accelerate the rise of the southern level

Today’s announcement complements the Southern High Level, the overall scheme for the region to generate strong economic growth and community development. The regionally tailored plan focuses on attracting a talented workforce, growing business and driving innovation. Now, the region is accelerating the rise of the southern level with a $500 million government investment through the Northern Revitalization Initiative. The state’s investment of $500 million will spur private companies to invest more than $2.5 billion — and the district plan, as presented, projects up to 10,200 new jobs. More information is available over here.

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