Green Kitchens – 29 Inspirational Green Kitchen Ideas

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Green kitchens have become popular in the past couple of years and their popularity has not shown any signs of waning. Green is associated with nature and symbolizes balance, growth, renewal, and harmony, and it can be a refreshing, calming, and invigorating color, making it the perfect choice for the toughest workroom in the house.

From forest green and emerald green to olive and sage, it is not at all surprising that this versatile color has become the color of choice in a modern kitchen.

Green has truly become the new neutral, and it works equally well in both contemporary and traditional kitchens. There are not many colors no Go with green, but standout pairs include white, gray, pink, and black.

While luxurious dark green kitchens paired with marble countertops and copper details dominate our Instagram feeds, soft wise green kitchens paired with more natural textures and materials exude calm and serenity, perfect for working in the vibrant direction.

And remember that a green kitchen does not necessarily mean wall-to-wall color. For a simple change of switches, create a contrast between high and low cabinetry banks, or focus accents by adding splashes of color to cabinet knobs, tapestries, and crockery. You can also enter the green environment through distinctive small appliances such as a toaster, kettle or blender.

Whether you choose to use green on its own or as an accent color, we hope our green kitchen ideas will give you plenty of inspiration.

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White and green kitchen

For an instant makeover, upgrade a tired kitchen with green kitchen paint. This striking emerald green table coordinates with the cabinets, while woodland green chairs provide a cool contrast, and crisp white walls enable this color scheme to pop. What a joy it is to walk into a kitchen like this every morning.

Pictured: Annie Sloan Kitchen Chalk Paint Antibes Green, Graphite Floorboards with Glossy Lacquer Detail, Annie Sloan

This is how you can install a sage green kitchen. Sage green is a wonderfully soothing organic color that pairs perfectly with other earthy tones. Mix with natural finishes to create a soothing space.

in the picture: Choose the wall lamp and table lamp Elsa, Pooky

Just in case you weren’t convinced that green and copper is a winning combination, see how metallic accents give this already chic kitchen a touch of elegance. These tall olive green cabinets create a streamlined look, while oak details add texture and contrast.

in the picture: Islington Alpine Kitchen, House Beautiful Collection at Homebase

Gray and green are often paired with darker hues, such as deep graphite and forest green, but here, a soft gray Berber rug provides the perfect base for accentuating this stunning island green. The abundance of warmer tones in cream enamelware prevents this kitchen from becoming cold or clinical.

in the picture: House Beautiful Gray Amouage Rug at Carpetright

The color matches your green cabinets to create an accent wall. Painted in Farrow & Ball’s green, this light, open and airy space here in the Card Room will really sparkle in the morning with natural light, and in the evening it will transform into a warm and cozy setting.

in the picture: Salterley Grange Kitchen Project, Hush Kitchens

What’s our favorite color combination? Green and pink of course! These green kitchen cabinets contrast perfectly with the soothing pink walls. If you have space, use the corner to design your books and use floating shelves for decorations and crockery.

in the picture: Corsican Green & Old Rose, M&L Paints


Modern green rustic kitchen

We love everything about this rustic, modern green kitchen, from the cool green cabinets and copper knobs, to the white wall space and exposed beams. The striped wooden stool ties together.

in the picture: Luanda Kitchen, Wood Works Brighton

Take advantage of your wild side (or at least the fun side) with a bright mint green kitchen. What works perfectly here is terrazzo splashback – it’s a true play on style and color. Metallic accents (copper kettle and plant pot) are the perfect finishing touch.

in the picture: Stylish modern kitchen in soft green, Wren . Kitchens

If you don’t want to make a major kitchen renovation, opt for green accents instead. Light green bowls and a chic green wall lamp are all the greenery you need in this space.

in the picture: Stained Bertie Glass Wall Light, Incandescent Lighting

From a reclaimed Yorkshire stone sink to an antique zinc worktop, this robust green kitchen is both hardworking and beautiful. A copper sink seamlessly integrated into the island worktop adds warmth to this kitchen design.

in the picture: Cotswold Farmhouse Potager Kitchen Project, Hush Kitchens


Green and yellow kitchen cabinets

Just like any room in the house, it’s important to create a space that reflects your personality – and this kitchen is plentiful. Here, a mix of green and yellow cabinets, combined with pristine oak cabinets, work great. A concrete kitchen island adds extra texture to this vibrant space.

in the picture: KS Bronson Vibrant Vinyl Flooring Lifestyle Flooring


Use green in Area A, the kitchen

A green kitchen doesn’t have to be noisy and in your face. Case in point: This saturated teal creates a sense of calm and complements off-white walls, all while helping define the kitchen space in an open space.

in the picture: Benjamin Moore Barely Teal 2048 70 Regal Select Eggshell, Benjamin Moore UK


Green drenched kitchen

Paint your walls and furniture, as seen in this green forest kitchen. Green is used across the walls and cabinets down to the freestanding island, adding intensity to the toughest working room in the house. The addition of solid wood worktops provides warmth and texture. Polished brass faucets, knobs and lighting will help achieve a luxurious finish.

in the picture: Cambridge Forest Green Kitchen, Benchmarx Kitchens and Carpentry

Earthy green shades echo the airy trend, as seen here in this tiled kitchen nook. With soft gray undertones, it provides a solid foundation in the kitchen.

in the picture: Designer Kitchen Splashback Wallpaper Hexagon Green Tile, Lime Lace


Practical green kitchen

What’s cool here is that the green kitchen island coordinates with the cabinets on the lower half, all in stark contrast to the faded walls on the upper half. Green is a practical color, so go with a forest green shade in your trunk, utility, or pet room for a beautiful, functional finish.

in the picture: Shaker Green Kitchen at Roman Leaf, Rain Kitchens

Another great combination of pink and green, what works so well here is that the small square tiles really complement the dark green kitchen cabinets and marble worktop.

in the picture: Winchester Residence Manoir Provence On Mint with mint field tiles, original style


Country style dark green kitchen

An impressive dark green kitchen, more traditional tones such as forest green will enrich classic kitchen schemes.

in the picture: Heather Bar Chair with Velvet Backrest Upholstered Olive Green, Worship Furniture


Stylish olive green kitchen

What do you get when you mix charcoal with green olives? Incredibly stylish and modern kitchen that makes a true statement of elegance. Everything is as impressive as it is polished.

in the picture: Integra Soho Kitchen Olive Green, Magnet


Embrace green kitchen accessories

An easy way to bring more green into your kitchen is with accessories and fixtures. From pendant lamps to crockery, sometimes it’s the little things that can make the biggest impact.

in the picture: Shop a look at Habitat


Dark green kitchen and cocoons

Beautiful teal on the walls and cooker hood were used in this elegant dark kitchen to make a big impact. From the glass cabinet to the brass rail, we love the element of old meets new here.

in the picture: Bespoke kitchen, Ledbury studio

Paint your walls green! For a quick and hassle-free update to your kitchen, find wall space for an impactful update.

in the picture: White Marble Splashback, Alloy Plank Board


Pastel green kitchen idea

If you love pastels but find the candy pink color too girly, restorative greens are a fresh, trendy alternative. Grounding natural tones (like sage and mint green) in your kitchen and living space is nourishing, earthy, and provides a reassuring sense of balance and calm.

in the picture: Bella Collection Pastel Green Satin Collection Schüller.C

Instead of opting for green cabinets, make a green kitchen island feature instead. It’s a real focal point in this beautiful two-tone kitchen, which perfectly complements the wood floors and pink walls.

in the picture: Arbor Kitchen, Harvey Jones


Rich Forest Green Kitchen

The green forest remains a popular shade for those seeking to bring the outdoors in. This rich dark green definitely rules the entire space, providing a stark contrast to the light oak floors.

in the picture: Siena series in Forest Green Matt Velvet, from the Schüller.C . Collection

If green is really your favorite color, this is a great way to incorporate it into different areas of the house – green cabinets in the kitchen and dark green walls in the dining area.

in the picture: Finca Collection by Sage Green Silk Gloss, from the Schüller.C . Collection


Silent Sage Green Kitchen

The green of sage is ideal for creating an overall soothing space. While the upper and lower cabinets carry the same wise green, the color is also picked up in the patterned tiles adding interest and creating a cohesive look.

in the picture: Winchester Residence Manoir Fleur Pumice Tile, original style


Contemporary green kitchen

The use of dark green base units helps to save more space. Complete the look with bronze, brass or copper elements for a modern and timeless feel.

in the picture: Contemporary two-tone kitchen, Wren . Kitchens

If you want to break up large swaths of green in the kitchen, look up the color wheel and introduce a second color—in this case pink—to create a focal point. Cleverly, the pink interior of this open shelf really helps light up the space, also in part due to the strip lighting.

in the picture: Chester’s Kitchen in Forest Green, Wix

Why stop at the green cabinets and kitchen island? There’s nothing wrong with coordinating, and if you’d prefer to match, take your green kitchen to the next level with a pair of green upholstered bar stools.

in the picture: Heather bar chair, forest green velvet with brass legs, cult furniture

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