Happy hour at home: designer cocktail trays

Here’s how to add some flair and sophistication to your drink nights at home | Source: FarFetch

While you may have all the essentials to make a martini or mojito in the comfort of your own home, there is one sophisticated piece that you may be missing.

The finishing touch to an evening full of drinks and nibbles, the cocktail tray adds sophistication, elegance and above all, functionality to your home bar. Because after making an Aperol Spritz at home or picking up some of your favorite gin, you’ll need a place to display your creations.

If you’re looking to host your next Friday drinks at home, consider adding that extra flair with one of the fancy cocktail trays that’s sure to take your interior décor to the next level.

Eichholtz Gold Finish Tray

The Giacomo tray from Eichholtz combines glamor and sophistication. The base is black mirror glass enclosed in a raised gold brushed metal frame to prevent spills of spritz or margaritas.

Perfect for a home with modern aesthetics, this tray will be an entertaining favorite.

Eichholtz Giacomo tray, gold finish, black glass, AU$721.19 | Source: 4 Lighting Ideas

Hermes Sailer Changing Box

Sellier’s changing tray is made of porcelain with a plush goatskin base, and is an eclectic addition to your dining room or living room. Perfect for holding a tray of cocktails, this tray features an intricate design based on the French garden beds at Hermès in Paris.

Hermès Sellier is modern, classic and unique.

Hermes Sailer Changing Box
Hermes Sailer Changing Box, A$920 | Source: Hermes

Hero marble tray

This marble tray is made of rare Italian stone, which is only available from one quarry in the world. This decorative tray is perfectly sculpted and is an elegant addition to the home. The distinctive spherical feet is a delicate feature of the tray.

This tray would be the perfect addition to a home with a darker color palette or one with marble finishes.

The Cool Hunter Hero Marble Tray
The Cool Hunter Hero Marble Tray, AUD$380.00 | Source: The Cool Hunter

Emilio Brass Cocktail Decor

This elegant cocktail tray in brushed brass is a stunning display of elegant Art Deco decor. Paired with rows of your favorite drink, this tray is the perfect addition to a dinner party.

Emilio Brass Cocktail Tray 50 cm
Emilio 50cm Brass Decorative Cocktail Tray, AUD$599.00 | Source: Furniture Fair

Mackenzie Childs Royal Round Tray

This royal check tray is expertly handcrafted from heavy-gauge enameled steel and bronzed stainless rims. A charming tray, it may be perfect for a picnic and a drink or tea.

Copenhagen reflection tray

This tray is a combination of vintage-style decor and luxurious interiors. Danish designers Julie Hugau and Andrea Larson drew inspiration from the Art Deco era and created this multicolored crystal tray.

This tray looks intentionally mismatched and would be a stylish addition to any interior decor style.

Crystal panama tray from Reflections Copenhagen
Reflections Copenhagen Crystal Panama Tin, A$864 | Source: Matches Fashion

Orthopedic Tray

Made using ethically sourced bone, this tray is an amazing display of versatility. It can be used as a cocktail tray, coffee table, bedside dining decor, or even for applying makeup and jewelry.

Rectangular bone tray
Bone Inlay Criss Cross Rectangular Tray, AU$339 | Source: Mahalia Interiors

Jonathan Adler Chinese Arcade

In classic Jonathan Adler style, this hallway tray is a great addition to any room. The geometric pattern is inspired by the Colosseum in Italy. Use this tray to serve evening drinks or tea and cookies in an ode to elegant and flowery decor.

Jonathan Adler Chinese Arcade
Jonathan Adler Arcade Tray, AU$429 | Source: Harrods

general serving tray

Inspired by Art Deco style in New York, this drink tray is a charming addition to happy hour. The plush steel and leather lining adds a neutral or understated aesthetic. Reminiscent of the raucous 1920s and jazz era style, this tray is stylized and elegant.

Pearl tray

This cocktail tray is a combination of mother-of-pearl and resin inlay. The intricate pieces are hand-carved and inlaid with a beautiful blend of elegant patterns and designs. Each pearl is unique and made to last a lifetime. Use this tray to add a touch of opulence to dinner parties and drinks.

Geometric white pearl inlay tray
Inlay Tray White Geometric Pearl, AU$329 | Source: Joshua and Jen

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