Here is the cost of a luxury Tokyo apartment in Sora

you are welcome in Square, a world very similar to our reality. It is the main setting announced in Kingdom Hearts The trailer for the 20th Anniversary is also based on Shibuya, one of Tokyo’s most video game-friendly areas. Creator Tetsuya Nomura said he decided to choose Shibuya as a setting to add a touch of realism to Kingdom Hearts 4. Little did he know that it would be realistic enough for fans to estimate exactly how much Sora’s apartment would cost. Here’s how much one can expect to rent a Keyblade wielder bed in modern Tokyo.

Itai KimuchiJ., a Japan-based fan business owner and translator, first pointed out how the area around Sora’s apartment looks similar to that of southern Aoyama. Aoyama is located between the Shibuya and Akasaka districts of Tokyo, so it makes sense as an apartment for someone commuting to Shibuya. After that, Itai Kimouchi’s suspicions were confirmed Kingdom Hearts Content creator Tetsuya Nomura spoke with Famitsu about preparing for Kingdom Hearts 4. It’s really based on Aoyama, which is wild considering it’s one of the most expensive neighborhoods.

“I can’t believe Sora lives in Aoyama in Tokyo, which is one of the most expensive residential areas,” Aitai Kimuchi tweeted. “The far building looks like Shibuya Stream, and I’m pretty sure the garden you see is Aoyama Gakuin. Also, this is probably his apartment.”

I hooked up with Apartment List Which looked just like the ones in Kingdom Hearts 4 Brief movie review. In her post, she also included a Picture of the actual room Beside Sora. There’s not much to blast in the trailer, as it only shows certain corners of the room. However, the image that Itai Kimuchi includes accurately represents the floor area seen when Sora looks out on his balcony.

“I found the actual apartment, which is likely modeled after Sora’s house,” wrote Itai Kimuchi. “It’s 245,000 yen per month and it’s located in Aoyama.” That’s about $2000.

It’s a room with a view, that’s for sure.Square Enix

This does not include utilities and furniture. It looks like the apartment is already furnished Some of the commenters She indicated that it was very little furnished. Nomura said to Famitsu It is likely that the team will change the interior design of the apartment before it is launched.

Aitai Kimochi also noted that Sora appears to live in 1LDK, a one-bedroom apartment with a “living, dining, and kitchen” area. It is a typical Japanese residential term next to 1K, 1DK and other terms that describe a one-bedroom apartment with letters denoting different features. It’s the equivalent of a one-bedroom apartment in the US, just in more detail.

Nomura has never confirmed the exact building his team used as inspiration for Sora’s room. However, given the location of the apartment and the emphasis on the public area, this should be a reasonable estimate of how much Sora’s apartment would cost in real life. Now, how reasonable is it to actually rent it out?

Sora lives the sweet city life. Square Enix

Accommodation in Sora’s apartment costs 245,000 yen per month. According to Gaijin Pot, the average rent for a 1LDK in Tokyo is between 70,000 and 200,000 – Sora’s rent will exceed them all. Aoyama is located in the Minato Wing, which accurately represents his apartment with an average price of 246,000 yen per month.

Of course, it’s still as inexpensive as renting in a city of a similar size in the United States. Living in New York City is much more expensive. According to Rent Hop, an average one-bedroom in New York City can easily cost more than $3,000 a month — $1,000 more than it would cost to rent a Sora apartment. Even the average studio costs $2,500 or more. San Francisco is no better. Apartment costs in Tokyo are better compared to an affordable American city like Pittsburgh, where only the most expensive apartments cost more than $2000 per month.

Fortunately, Sora probably doesn’t need to pay rent. Even if he did, he would likely kill a group of Heartless for the sake of the rabbit he needed for the life of that city.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Currently under development.

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