Highway 41 yard sale begins in Western Kentucky

The return of one of Kentucky’s biggest yard sales! Interstate 41 and parts of 41A in western Kentucky will be a picker’s paradise this weekend. It is 150 miles long and spans 26 cities. Roadside haggling, delicious food, sales to fans of antiques, and sightseeing plentiful, the yard sale offers something for everyone. We have the official map and many vendors who will be participating.

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Every year people clean their homes and head to their front lawns along the lane of Highway 41. This is not a typical yard sale. You’ll stop along the way to check out all the treasures. My mom loved a good flea market and had yard sales. She was lost for hours/days and then came home broke! It’s easy to do a lot to choose from. She loved the Highway 41 Yard Sale. I think you will, too.

highway 41 yards for sale

How does the saying go? “Someone’s trash is someone’s treasure.” Hit Interstate 41 from the Indiana State Line to the Tennessee State Line this weekend to shop until you drop. Hundreds of vendors and stalls along the road will be waiting for you on June 24 and June 25, 2022. In this extraordinary sale, there will be collectibles, furniture, cookware, dishes, antiques, toys, children’s clothing, books for adults and much more! Everything but the kitchen sink will be available for purchase. Who doesn’t love the deal? What one person may think is worthless may be cherished by another. Tons of cool items will be priced for sale.

Come hungry as many food vendors will be set up along the way or eat at many local restaurants! Several farmers will also be set up along the way to sell fresh fruits, vegetables, honey, jams, and more. #support_local

Muti sellers and multi-family yard sales

Along the way, there will be many great sales with sellers, families, and businesses together. Here are some of what was posted on the Highway 41 Yard Sale Facebook page. Plan your stops from Henderson to Guthrie so you don’t miss a thing.

– Baker Chiropractic Group at 319 8th Street (multiple families)

Odds & Ends at Odds & Ends 711 US Highway 41N (Resellers)

– 3581 Tucker School Street. (several families)

110 Zimmermann Street (multi-family unit sale)

– Hobo Mickey’s at 2320 South Main
– Clarks True Value at 624 South Maine
– 711 Boyce Street (Two families)
Finders Keepers at 1092 Thornberry Dr.
– 101 Shamrock Dr. (2 ex-antique dealers).
– First Assembly of God in Madisonville at 3406 Hanson Rd (multiple families)
– 1216 McLeod Ln. (2 family)

– 333 N. McEuen Ave. (Multiple antique/antique dealers)

64 Bandali Road. (sell 4 family yard)

– 176 Lake View (Multiple Family Sales)

– 3610 Madisonville Rd. (several families)

Support the career of the Madisonville Maroons

Madisonville Maroons March

Madisonville Maroons March

Get ready to explore all the sales at homes, businesses, sellers, and farms along Highway 41. It’s going to be a lovely weekend to shop, shop and shop! Have fun and be safe along the way.

Highway 41 Yards Sale Map

highway 41 yards for sale

highway 41 yards for sale

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