Home décor items that will decorate your home this summer

Your home is not only your personal space but also your comfort zone, your photo nook, and your cozy nook. No matter how big or small your home is, some cute home decor items are guaranteed to elevate the look of your home and make it look more summery. Even a small space can be transformed into the most beautiful home with the right home décor items.

Summer home decoration:

Here we have a list of cute home décor items for summer.

1. Floral lampshade

We all know how different good lighting can make! This pretty floral lampshade will cast a warm and welcoming summer glow into your living room. This pendant lamp will not only brighten up your home décor, but also decorate it with its sheer beauty and stunning appeal.

Price: INR 759

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2. Marble finished wallpapers

You can use our self adhesive glossy marble wallpaper to update any surface you like. Enhance the look of your tables, worktops, and even your wardrobes this summer.


Price: 699 rupees

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3. colorful rug

Not only will this colorful rug make your home more lively in the summer, but it’s also a great way to mask the stain you’ve been trying to clean. Regular cleaning of this rug extends its life and maintains its appearance. Vacuum regularly and thoroughly to remove coarse dirt that can damage the fibres.


Price: Rs 395.000

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4. Chair covers

Flowers and summer go hand in hand and there’s no question about that. Easily add a summery touch to your boring plain chairs with these floral chair covers. The seat covers are soft, comfortable, durable and wrinkle resistant for most chairs. Now transform your old, worn out chairs into a sophisticated set.

home decor 4.jpg

Price: INR 1399

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5. Geometric tablecloth

Soft pastels are just the look we need this summer. This geometric tablecloth will add a more modern touch to your dining table without being too pretentious. The sturdy tablecloth fabric makes it durable and washable. It covers well on the table and creates an elegant atmosphere. The twill fabric gives it a shinier, richer look.


Price: INR 898

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6. wall decal

Say goodbye to boring white walls this summer! Give your living room or bedroom a decorative look with this birds and trees wall decal. It is very easy to stick this decal and you can transfer it on the wall with the help of heat or water. It will make your home look more comfortable and fun at home.

6.jpg منزل home decoration

Price: 238 rupees

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7. Mirror wall sconce

If there are those stubborn stains in the wall that you just can’t get rid of, use a mirror wall sconce to cover them. It is completely handmade using traditional skills. This handcrafted round wall piece will add an elegant look to your home décor.


Price: INR 674

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8. sofa cover

Add a floral summery touch to your sofa and coordinate with your Floral Cover Sofa Chairs. If the sofas start to look a little worse when worn, then this sofa cover will decorate them. Made of polyester and spandex fabric that is very elastic, eco-friendly, durable and elegant, it feels soft and comfortable.


Price: INR 1549

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Beautify the look of your home this summer with these home décor items that are very affordable as well as extremely easy to install. These items will add a warm summer atmosphere to your home, making it look more comfortable and aesthetic. It is also high quality and long lasting.

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