Home Interior Décor Tip: 4 Topics to Look for in a Home Renovation This Summer

Summer is here and it’s a great time to freshen up your home decor. When we roll out those rugs and hang these winter holiday mood lights, why not celebrate the summer sun with some vibrant and vibrant decor?

Summer presents the best opportunity to bring a warm and fresh aesthetic to your home. From floral makeovers to charming statement pieces, to some bohemian decor, a few simple changes can make your home look as inviting as the seaside getaway or rustic getaway you’ve always wanted.

In an interview with Ht Lifestyle, Keyur Zaveri, Vice President of Design at Prava shared, “There are plenty of ways you can update your home for summer. From paint rooms with vibrant, mood-enhancing shades like yellow, lush green and hot pink, to Decorating with bold wallpaper of flowers and plants – both of which will instantly bring the magic of summer into your home and spark joy in your heart. So go ahead and choose a theme that best suits your taste and personality.”

Suggest 4 cool summer home decor ideas to make sure your home feels as fresh as a glass of fresh lemonade on a hot summer day.

1. Go boho – ‘Boho’ also known as Bohemian is really the vibe of summer this season. Bohemian decor is as unique as the person decorating the room. So no two spaces will be exactly alike and are an honest expression of your personality. With plenty of earthy colors, natural textiles, and eccentric charm, the boho aesthetic is popular with people who consider themselves free spirits. Choose nature-inspired colors and motifs to bring rustic charm to the home. Weaving reeds, wood, and earthy materials like cotton, touches of faux leather, and natural dyes paint a picture of intimate calm.

2. Fancy a floral makeover? – Moody and atmospheric or light and bright, the interior is of a bold and beautiful variety. When reinventing and remodeling your home, be confident in style and use florals to make a statement or add some subtle botanical accents to bring a splash of color to your home. Floral decor is often used in occasional spaces and to add a wow factor, choose some floral wallpapers that are bound to make a bold statement.

3. Feel the “naked” energy – If “plush” and “welcoming” suit your taste, go for an avant-garde look that features neutral shades with soft curves. This theme adds a touch of simplicity and modernity to your home. It features comfortable armchairs in elegant designs and other combination furniture pieces that have an eye-catching minimalist look with soft shapes mixed with bold geometric shapes. Simplicity is all about removing unnecessary frills from your spaces and keeping things simple, yet compelling. Lots of homes turn to this aesthetic as a refreshing way to live a neat, orderly, and clutter-free life.

4. Be selectively charming – If rich furnishings combined with elegant silhouettes and regal colors suit your personality, you might consider choosing an eclectic glamor theme this summer. This look combines an eclectic mix of luxurious designs and materials, such as marble and copper, that work beautifully as a stylish hangout or large entertaining space.

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