Home Interior Decorating Tips: Inspirational Designs for Your Wardrobe Renovation

Who wouldn’t like to flaunt the most spacious, practical, beautiful and distinctively customized wardrobe filled with things in the comfort of their elegant home? Until a few decades ago, it was thought of as a dark, invisible piece of furniture that was just used to hide clothes and things stored in it, but over time it has undergone a magical transformation and with the advent of more sophisticated modular fixture fittings and elegant looking finishing materials, modern wardrobes boast being the home of the most Revolutionary for your personal belongings.

Wardrobes are more than just storage spaces for your clothes and accessories because when done right, the design of your bedroom wardrobe can be a fashion statement and thus, the wardrobe design should not only be customized, but customized to match your lifestyle. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Khanendra Barman, co-founder of Wurfel, revealed the latest wardrobe designs currently out there:

1. Sliding Mirrored Wardrobe Design – This wardrobe design with mirror finish speaks volumes in terms of design and aesthetics and is stunning in terms of looks. While sliding doors use space efficiently and give an elegant look to the overall design, the mirror finish makes the room appear larger and more spacious and gives it a distinct modern look. Mirrors of different colors mixed with other materials such as fabric, leather, and glass are popular.

2. Grooved design – When it comes to interiors, grooved details have become one of the biggest global trends right now. They not only add texture and interest to the wardrobe design, but also give it a decorative and elegant style. The fluted finish brings a sense of personality and charm to your wardrobe design no matter if you have a traditional or modern space.

3. Glass wardrobe design – Glass wardrobe designs have evolved as a popular choice in modern bedrooms today. Specifically, dark shade glass cabinets with black/gold/copper sides have taken over the new age design space for wardrobes. The transparent wardrobe makes it more organized with the right accessories, keeping the wardrobe visibly clean and pleasant even from the outside.

Shruti Jain, Head of Department in the School of Architecture and Design at MRIIRS suggested, “While renovating your bedrooms, you can choose a wardrobe or walk-in closet, using all the space up to the suspended ceiling. If you are expanding your home to fit a larger bedroom, you can choose to enjoy the grandeur of Wardrobe. With the ample space, you can choose drawers, shelves and hanging spaces, while being able to see all your designer clothes, bags and shoes.”

If you’re not willing to compromise on bedroom floor space, Shruti Jain recommended choosing accessible wardrobes. She said, “Getting a bigger bedroom, you can still get excellent storage capacity. You can choose from sliding doors, regular swing doors or even bi-fold doors for your wardrobe shutters. Interior storage areas should be designed to have different combinations as per your choice, and organize your belongings as well as accessibility.The lower area should have pull-outs, drawers or shelves with centered space and the highest accessible places should be the hanging spaces.The upper, inaccessible areas should have retractable rails to increase the space Usable storage. Add modular fixtures to organize your storage. Don’t forget to add warm sensor lights to illuminate the corner – most spaces are inside.”

As for the exterior, she advised, “A variety of finishes are available to choose from. Laminates—matt or high-gloss, acrylic finishes, lacquered glass or even mirrors on a mid-range budget, to a polyester and polyurethane finish done to an expensive veneer for a hefty budget. It makes Light colors the room looks bigger and vice versa. In conclusion, while designing your wardrobe, there is no set path. Just remember to customize with the comfort, convenience, and ease of use you desire. Happy brainstorming!”

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