Home Offices – Remote & Home Working is Here to Stay: Insights from Kieran Corcoran of Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets Limited

KILLARNEY, Ireland, Sept. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Twenty years ago, remote working and home working were relatively rare. Over the last two decades, businesses and employees in Ireland and overseas have increasingly realised that there are many benefits to switching from centralised office roles with co-workers to devolved remote and home working roles. Employers can differentiate and make job advertisements more attractive by offering fully remote or hybrid working roles.

The figures speak for themselves. In Ireland, the UK and EU, there is a very clear shift towards working from home offices. This view was endorsed by the “Remote Working in Ireland, 2022 National Survey Findings” published by the Whittaker Institute for Innovation and Societal Change in May 2022.

Advances in modern technology (particularly in broadband), IT hardware and software, including collaborative communication technologies, have reduced many of the barriers to working remotely. Switching to remote working was rapidly accelerated in the spring of 2020 with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, where during lockdowns employers needed employees to be able to work remotely.

Kieran Corcoran, the Managing Director of Corcoran’s Furniture and Carpets Ltd, spoke about his thoughts on home working and how Corcoran’s has embraced the opportunity. Corcoran’s recently published an infographic on the topic. Corcoran’s, of course, also sells a range of high-quality furniture in Ireland, which is another essential enabler to successful working remotely:

Kieran discussed how Corcoran’s have embraced home working with their own employees, “Here at Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets we are firm believers that remote working opportunities are here to stay. While the pandemic forced a major remote work experiment that many businesses weren’t ready for, employees adapted remarkably, on the whole, demonstrating their ability to be just as efficient & productive – if not more – working from home.”

Kieran went on to discuss the likely future of remote working within Corcoran’s, “We had a number of employees switch from office-based to remote working during the pandemic, out of necessity. It is now something that the company fully embraces where the role allows. The benefit we probably hear most from our employees is how it allows for a better work-life balance. They save time & expenses that would otherwise be used on a commute, and they can spend less time on the road and more time with family, resulting in higher levels of job and personal satisfaction. Importantly, for us there is no drop in productivity, quite the opposite actually, remote working is win-win for the employer and employee.”

Discussing the advantages remote working delivers, Kieran commented, “From an employer perspective, it also deepens the available talent pool by removing location as a barrier. We felt it was important for us to create this infographic to highlight the benefits and opportunities remote working affords both employers and employees“.

The Corcoran’s Furniture range neatly fits into remote working and home working by providing the much needed office furniture to make this possible. Kieran commented, by saying “Creating a clean and safe workspace is also a key consideration in ensuring the health and wellbeing of our remote employees. We know first-hand from the industry we are in that having the right home office furniture & lighting not only enables employees to focus & connect better but dramatically decreases the likelihood of back pain and spinal health issues that can easily arise from working in less than ideal ergonomic conditions at home.”

Recently, Corcoran’s decided home working was so important that they would create an infographic on the topic. This infographic discusses the shift towards remote and home working, benefits to employees & employers, and obstacles to overcome making home working a reality. As well as recent trends and data around remote working, the infographic explores the challenges and necessary home and office furniture required. There statistics included back up assertions and assumptions with real-life data.

Kieran was asked, “Why did Corcoran’s create this infographic about remote working and home working?” Kieran replied, “We felt the message was so important that we needed to get it out there. The sooner businesses embrace remote working, the sooner they (and their employees) can receive the benefits.

To view the full infographic, see this here on the Corcoran’s website or check out the video on YouTube. This infographic explains the subject with great clarity and will be enlightening for organisations and employees who may be considering a move to remote working at some point in the future.

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