How Samsung is shaping the future of custom technology with Bespoke Edition

Our phones are now an integral part of our lives. In addition to being essential devices for our personal and professional responsibilities, they have effectively become an extension of our personalities. This is also the message that OEMs have been passing on to customers. Buy our phone because it’s the best gel with your personality.

However, for the vast majority of devices, this is easier said than done. Most traditional phones look and perform the same. There is very little that sets them apart from the rest. That’s why most smartphone owners resort to accessories like cases and covers just to add some personality to dull devices.

Samsung flipped the script with its foldable smartphones. Although it has been around for a few years now, it remains an extension of the personality of the people who buy it. They are not afraid to be the first to move, take risks, and try new things. Although the vast majority of customers are playing it safe by continuing to buy the traditional flagship, foldable buyers are swimming against the tide and, in doing so, standing out from the crowd.

Perhaps no other device embodies this more than the Galaxy Z Flip. When Samsung launched the first Galaxy Z Flip in 2020, the marketing impulse was to highlight the device as an additional accessory to its high-end fashion aircraft line. This correlates well with the soul of the machine. The clamshell form factor combined with striking colors and pure finishes makes the Galaxy Z Flip a go-to device.

Samsung took another step forward with the Galaxy Z Flip 3 by launching the Bespoke Edition. The company previously offered the Bespoke program for its home appliances, allowing customers to choose various color options to suit the aesthetics of their living spaces. Bringing this software to smartphones was a genius move from Samsung.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 Bespoke Edition was launched in October last year and offers 49 color combinations. Customers in select markets order a device in a different color for the upper and lower halves of the device. They even have the ability to switch the color panels to update the look of the device.

There’s a reason why Samsung only offered the Bespoke Edition for the Galaxy Z Flip 3. This device was perfect for bringing an enhanced personality with it. Given its growing status as a trendy device, it made perfect sense to appeal to more of this age group by enabling them to truly personalize the look and feel of the Galaxy Z Flip 3. The device’s design and form factor are perfect for color customization.

The detailed version has proven to be popular with customers. Many Samsung fans have called on the company to make it available in more markets. It is only available in seven countries currently. There is good news. We exclusively confirmed in June that the Galaxy Z Flip 4 Bespoke Edition will offer significantly more color options, and will also be made available in more markets, particularly across Europe and Asia.

With this offering, Samsung plays a major role in shaping the future of personal technology. Cases and covers should be bypassed. There’s a reason car manufacturers offer customers a laundry list of customization options. Customers are free to choose from different trim options, leather colors, wheel types, etc. to make their cars their own. Imagine if vehicle personalization was limited to installing a third-party casing!

With younger demographics concerned with social issues, personalization is one way they present the causes they advocate. Whether it’s by their clothing color schemes or their signature pieces. They use these elements to send a message. That’s why similar phone cases and covers tend to be preferred.

This demographic would like to have this level of flexibility and customization available to them when buying a new phone. It’s very smart for Samsung to recognize the trend and take advantage of it before others. We may very well see some other OEMs doing something similar in the future. However, Samsung will be the leader in this area, as it has done on many occasions in the past.

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