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Los Angeles-based artist Rachel Scheilander wasn’t initially inspired by disco balls when she debuted on the disco chair in 2020. Instead, it started as an “experiment in anti-materialism.” As she further explains, “Mirror is antimatter, reflecting the physicality of everything around it, but it does not have any optical matter of its own.” Rachel, who also describes herself as “the lover of the disco in the cosmic rodeo,” was trying to make the chairs disappear into her environment, but when she put them in the sun, she discovered the disco effect in full force. “The chair became something that could talk (or dance) with the sun,” she says.

“I think what we’re currently seeing is the evolution of the established genre,” Rachel continues. “Artists and designers borrow it from the nightclub, and put it in our daily lives and homes.”

Social media, especially TikTok, has accelerated this development by giving everyone a platform to showcase their own interior decorating style and DIY hacks, and the disco ball has come for the ride. While fine art pieces like the one at Rotganzen sell for up to €14,000, those looking for a quick disco fix can buy a foam-and-plastic version for as little as $7. “I think it got a bit saturated,” admits Camille Nechilini, co-founder of Resident Objects in Los Angeles. However, she doesn’t think this means people should stop enjoying disco balls, asserting that “just because it’s trendy doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.”

Mushroom disco balls offer a glamorous touch to mushroom-inspired décor.
Photo: Sophie Berardocchi

Camille keeps her disco ball hanging from the ceiling after accidentally crashing a few of them as they were rolling around her floor. Aarica also tied it to the ceiling, attaching it with a yellow chain link and Lowes’ green and pink hook clips. Others chose to put their disco balls in the shelves, sit on unoccupied chairs, or move them around to catch the light. For DIY’ers, small businesses, and Etsy sellers like Mirrors by Lina and Sofiest Designs, they go beyond the traditional orb to find the expansive possibilities of tiled mirrors, creating disco-inspired planters, mushrooms, letters, globes, capes, and more.

In one form or another, disco balls are here to stay, adding a little sparkle wherever they go. “It’s kind of like sprinkles on the cake,” Arika concludes. “It’s not necessary, but it does make it look better.”

Original mushroom disco ball

Image may contain: Sphere
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Kelly Wearstler X Rotjanzen – Malibu

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