How to Create a Bedroom Retreat for Winter

Your bedroom is more than just a place to sleep – it’s your escape from the world and a place to unarm, de-stress and relax. Creating an escape becomes even more important in the winter, when the days shorten and the cold sets in.

“Summer really takes us outside,” says interior designer Xanthe Highfield, founder of Highfield studio. “The excitement of summer is spending time outdoors, so to make winter a special part of our lives, we must bring the same excitement indoors.

Here are four ways to turn your bedroom into the ultimate winter getaway.

protect the color

Changing the color of bedding and soft furnishings is an easy and relatively cost-effective way to transform your bedroom into a winter retreat.

“People often use northern tones in winter — gray and pink — but I think it’s best to use warm colors and earth tones so your bedroom doesn’t feel too cold,” explains Highfield.

“If you go with a warmer color tone, like honey and mustard tones, and more donna of wheat flax instead of crisp white, your space will feel more comfortable.”

Highfield also says that playing with engagement patterns, such as checking out a pattern, can add some fun and inspiration to your space. A great way to incorporate this is via pillows.

the hero of your bed

Upgrade your bed, upgrade your life. A quality mattress and frame that provide functionality and comfort is easily the hero of any bedroom.

“The right bed and mattress makes a big difference, and is important to so many aspects of your life. A good bed affects how well you sleep, which affects your mental and physical health,” Highfield says.

But a design that includes a headboard and easy access points will also increase the hyggy Worker.

“Having some kind of decapitation or rest will make your space more comfortable, and we often see people designing the architecture of their bedrooms to make that easier,” explains Highfield.

“At the same time, good functionality also makes the bed more inviting and requires you to stay there longer. You want to be able to have your coffee next to you without having to get up, along with other accessible points like space for your book and your phone charger. This makes The bedroom you never want to leave.”

The New King Bed These design elements deliver in one streamlined, luxurious package, with a choice of fabric or leather headboard, smart options built in for lights with gesture control and light level memory, plus side tables with additional wireless charging. Customizable with specially designed removable covers, it’s an ideal year-round choice.

The New Bed is a must-have addition to your relaxing sanctuary. (supplied)

Combine this with a file King sleep + mattressFeatures interchangeable comfort layers that are designed to adapt to your body for better sleep.

Winter your bedding and add layers

Covering the bed also extends to its dressing. Beautiful sheets and blankets will add multiple textures and layers to create the luxurious sense of comfort and excitement that draws you into the space.

“A layered bed is what brings that cozy feeling,” advises Highfield.

“Most people switch to a thicker sheet designed for winter, which makes the bed feel luxurious. However, some people don’t like flannel sheets, so if that’s the case, go for your highest thread count,” she explains.

“Also change to a heavier winter quilt if you have one or add an extra blanket as well as a fabric cover. Bringing pillows is a must.”

Get the right light

Lighting has the amazing ability to change the mood of a space and make you want to block out and just sit somewhere. The best bedrooms blend natural, ambient lighting with light.

“No matter the season, getting as much natural light as possible in your home is ideal,” Highfield advises.

“But in the winter it’s darker for longer, so most of the time the ambient light will be on.

“Having bedside table lamps that are dimmable and warm is key, and so is a subdued overhead light. But I would say a third ambient light – such as a floor lamp or other decorative table lamp – will create a real feel in the room when you don’t have lit overhead lamps.” “.

For those with little bedside space, the Neo Bed by King has an option for stylish, built-in smart bulbs that respond via gesture control.

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