How to get iron ore

in My time in Sandrock Iron ore is a high-value manufacturing material available for collection from the ruins of the gecko station. There are four different ruins in my time in sandrock, To unlock the ruins of the Gecko station and the ability to mine iron ore, you will have to go through some major tasks. To find out what tasks you need to complete, how to unlock Iron Ore and where the Gecko Station ruins are, read on.

  • Just before starting these missions, you will be asked to participate in the Dance Off Festival. To find out how you can win the first prize, read our My Time At Sandrock Dance Off mission guide.

My Time in Sandrock: An Iron Ore Site

iron ore in My time in Sandrock Available once the player has traveled to the ruins of Gecko Station and completed “Operation De-Geelate” and followed the “In Trusses We Trust” quest to repair the city bridge. This opens a new ruins area where iron ore can be mined, and higher value materials such as gems can be found

My Time at Sandrock Iron Ore: How to Unlock Gecko Station Ruins

The mission ‘Operation De-Geelate’ comes out in the middle of the fall of your first year, on the eighth day, Matilda will send the player a message telling him that the train service will no longer run due to structural damage to the bridge, greatly affecting the city. water supplies.

The subsequent town meeting by the Town Hall issues the mission “Operation De-Geelate”, in which the player is tasked with building a suspended tram. Do this and follow the mission to remove the ruins of Gecko Station.

The bridge will still need repair after this encounter, so attend the heater meeting the next day and Matilda will stress the importance of the entire community’s involvement to help rebuild the bridge. You can visit each of the townspeople and ask for their help with the repair to ensure this.

Sleep and the next day Heidi will visit outlining her plans to repair the bridge. It will ask you to make two trusses. Completing this bridge and related commissions will help repair the bridge and unlock the ruins of Gecko Station. To successfully complete the trusses, you will need upgraded machines, including the upgraded furnace. The manufacturing recipe for this is available at the research center of Qi.

Once you complete the tasks Operation De-Geelate and In Trusses We Trust to repair the bridge, scrap iron will also be available at Eufaula Salvage Yard and Shop. Just rest and the next day of Operation De-Geelate, Rocky will email the player with information on how to purchase iron ore.

My Time In Sandrock Iron Ore Uses

To recycle scrap iron into ore, you will need an upgraded recycling machine. You will also need an upgraded civil furnace to create steel bars and manganese steel bars made from iron ore and used to higher level fabrication specifications.

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