How to give your living room a summer makeover on a budget

Spending most of our days at home over the past couple of years has turned a few of us into amateur interior designers, finding ourselves repainting a wall here, recycling some worn out furniture there and making the most of our homes once and for all.

Now that we’re into the summer months, it’s time to give your living rooms a little makeover, to help them feel brighter and more vibrant – in keeping with the warm weather and colorful foliage outside.

After scouring the internet for the best deals, we’ve compiled a foolproof list of interior essentials, which are sure to turn your bleak and dreary family room into a lively oasis, perfect for entertaining and relaxing on those long summer nights.

Bring the outdoors with plant pots and artificial foliage

One of the easiest ways to help your living room feel more airy is to incorporate a few plants, whether real or fake. If you can find some colorful pots and planters, all the better! For those of you who don’t necessarily call themselves the green thumb, don’t worry—there are plenty of fake plant options, including a Geo Plant Pot or this fake snake plant from Dunnes Stores.

Trade in your pillows for more summery designs.

If you already have a bunch of pillows scattered on the couch, now might be a good time to give them a little refresh by buying a pair of new decorative pillow covers in bright colors or pillows in neutral colors. We adore this Dahila Corduroy pillow from Urban Outfitters, and a bright mustard hue adds such a pretty pop of color. Don’t forget that it’s perfectly fine to mix and match, adding an exotic pattern here or an unusual texture there.

Pink Gingham Letter Box Cushion (€8 / £7) – Penneys / Primark

Add a softer touch with a cute new rug

Adding a new, stylish rug can really pull a space together. It adds a soft and cozy feel, perfect for those cool summer nights, when you and your family snuggle together in the living room to watch a movie. Choosing light or pastel colors will also add a warm and cool ambiance.

Update your photos and frames

If you’ve been staring at the same old photos and prints hanging on your walls for years, now is the time to update your gallery. Either print new family photos or take a few cool new prints, focusing on a specific topic. Whether it’s family vacations, musical memorabilia, or a certain color palette. This ornate checkerboard frame designed by Caroline Donnelly is absolutely stunning and also bargained for just €10 – plus, it comes with a gorgeous flower print.

Enjoy a whole new touch

Interior design is all about layering and adding enough of them so your space is finally complete. This is where the summer season comes in. No, this isn’t strictly necessary, but it does add a lovely homey element to your sofa. There’s no need for big, warm summer blankets, instead we’ve been loving these organic cotton cell phone blankets from Next. They come in a variety of samples for every color scheme. Another option we’re obsessed with is the Clarissa Throw Blanket from Urban Outfitters, which comes in a cool natural striped effect and knitted tassels.

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