How to pull the trend of “Coastal Grandma” interiors into your home

We have ‘Granny chic’ – an interior trend seen embracing floral floral prints, patterned wallpaper and contrasting furnishings.

Now, it seems like it’s all about Coastal Grandma – a simple elegant style that’s becoming increasingly popular among those who think neutral undertones aren’t over yet. In fact, they are the future.

This trend—which is fast becoming a lifestyle—is all about cream, white, beige, straw, faded woods, and cashmere.

The California Dream: The Cozy and Relaxed Decor Style of a Coastal Grandma

You don’t need to be a grandfather or live by the sea to embrace the aesthetic, actress Anne Hathaway, a huge Coastal Grandma fan, said on Instagram.

But it should suit you if you love California beach settings and the massive, light-filled homes featured in Something’s Gotta Give, It’s Intricate and other films by American filmmaker Nancy Meyers.

These characteristics also star in the Netflix series Grace And Frankie, starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin.

The main characters of this drama are wealthy individuals in later stages of life, with chaotic relationships, but great taste in furniture and furnishings.

Their homes feature low sofas, beige (light beige), log baskets, handpicked vintage and quirky contemporary pieces, ceiling fans and coffee tables adorned with pots of hydrangeas—the quintessential coastal grandmother’s blooms.

The spacious kitchens in these homes are lined with matte white cabinets, shelves stocked with cutlery and shelves of every kind of utensils and copper utensils needed for serious cooking—an essential part of the lifestyle.

Among the main priestesses of the Coastal Grandma are American television chefs Martha Stewart and Ina Garten, author of Barefoot Contessa books. Garten actually resides in the Hamptons, an expensive coastal enclave beloved by New Yorkers.

Oliver Bonas Seaweed Storage Basket which comes in white and black models (£17.50,

Oliver Bonas Seaweed Storage Basket which comes in white and black models (£17.50,

Other major influences include videos posted on TikTok by 26-year-old California designer Lex Nicoletta that the Wall Street Journal and others attribute to the invention of the Coastal Grandma name.

Nicoleta’s videos focus on kitchens and include guides to creating a seasonal table scene, finding matching cups and plates and how to make the perfect iced tea.

“This look is for those who love the colors of the sea and beach: blue, cream, green and white, but don’t want the cliched version of coastal décor with its microcosm, says Andrew Dunning, of the London Contemporary Interior Design Group. Lighthouses, anchor motifs, and starfish patterns.

Customers tell us they want to avoid all those cliched things.

“Coastal novelty is a relaxed look, but it certainly isn’t the shabby chic that was too big a while ago. There might not be many vibrant colors. The interest lies in its textural qualities, with linen and woods.”

Natural materials like wicker and seagrass are key to this trend. Try the piling logs in Oliver Bonas’ seaweed storage basket which comes in white and black patterns (£17.50).

For some true enthusiasts of it, Coastal Grandma is a way of life.

But the majority of those who are inspired by the trend’s association with the sea and its relaxing atmosphere will opt for a few items. For one thing, British summers are rarely hot enough for ceiling fans. Also, more light colors means a lot of washing.

The linen four-seater Marks & Spencer Nantucket (£1,299) is the kind of sofa you can relax on from a long stroll along the beach.

This sofa is named after the island off the coast of Massachusetts where the rich flock in summer. The £495 Jed white rocking chair from Andrew Martin has the same East Coast vibe.

Laura Ashley’s taupe throw (£75) is the only thing that should be carelessly rolled over on any kind of bench. However, Coastal Grandma purists will insist on throwing in £595 in pure cashmere from Johnstons of Elgin because this trend is all about subtle luxury and things bought to last.

With its light green legs and subtly distressed wood top, Barker & Stonehouse’s Maison coffee table (£199) provides the atmospheric touch. This £55 Sculpting Candle Holder from will be the perfect accessory.

Fresh hydrangeas are best – coastal grandmothers are keen gardeners – but fakes are acceptable. At Wayfair you can buy a three-legged bench for £47.97.

Let’s not forget the lemon bowl that is an essential part of what Nicoletta calls coastal grandma’s “starter pack.” The blue-and-green Kinta bowl from Heals (£17) is just the thing.

Linen is the main fabric. At Denim, 100 per cent linen duvet covers cost from £80 to £120. Linen may wrinkle and wrinkle very easily.

But for lovers of coastal novelty, this is not a disadvantage. Wrinkles of fabrics and a face are a sign of a good life – and the pinnacle of elegance.

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The black Norfolk Leisure Delano on Robert Dias costs £209.99, down 25% from £279.99.  It's perfect for enjoying coffee on the balcony

The black Norfolk Leisure Delano on Robert Dias costs £209.99, down 25% from £279.99. It’s perfect for enjoying coffee on the balcony

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