Ikea Starkvind air purifier review: unique and practical

IKEA Starkfind
MSRP $259.00

“Ikea Starkvind combines a table with an air purifier, serving as smart furniture rather than just a smart device.”


  • Unique and practical design

  • Easy assembly

  • Intuitive on-device and in-app controls

  • Good price for what it offers


  • barebones app

  • Nothing new comes out of its shape

The Ikea Starkvind Air Purifier is the most unique air purifier I have ever tested.

Air purifiers sometimes seem a dime a dozen these days, but most have the same design: a tower-like body with several internal filters. Starkvind distinguishes itself by storing the air purifier inside a table. It doubles its usefulness by providing a table and an air purifier.

But does it make a good smart home product? This is debatable. Its general functionality is somewhat limited, but so is the clever functionality of every other air purifier I have ever tried. With this comparison in mind, Starkvind is a favorite because it does more than just take up space on the floor.


Ikea Starkvind has four table legs and a top. There is a slight gap between the top of the table and the body to accommodate the incoming air flow. Available in two colors: dyed oak veneer, or white (but more beige) veneer.

IKEA Starkfind Air Purifier

Once fully assembled, the table is 22 inches high, 21 inches in diameter, and the cord is 4 feet 11 inches long. The button and dial on the front of the air purifier act as a physical control point for the Starkvind.

The table top is locked in place but rises to allow access to the filter underneath. When you replace the filter, you will need to take it off, but this is as simple as cutting four pins out of their position. There is also an optional power cord attachment to give you a slightly longer length.

Application Control

The Ikea Home smart app has the same basic, streamlined design as most of the company’s furniture. That’s not to say it’s bad by any means – it doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles.

You can also manually change the speed from one to five, although I found it annoyingly high at both the fourth and fifth speed settings.

The Starkvind Air Purifier can be controlled entirely through the app and is actually incredibly responsive to it. The built-in air quality analyzer will tell you the air condition in your home, and if you set the controls to Auto, Starkvind will automatically adjust the fan speed to compensate.

You can also manually change the speed from one to five, although I found it annoyingly high at both the fourth and fifth speed settings. The Starkvind expels a massive amount of air, and that’s nowhere more evident than on its highest settings.

If you have young children around (or you just want to leave your air purifier alone), you can disable the device control switch from within the app. This locks the control panel, but don’t worry – the LED light on the front of the Starkvind acts as a reminder so you don’t try to accidentally turn the knob.

The app also tells you when you need to check the filter, and will remind you when it’s time to replace it. If you click on the info icon – denoted by an I with a circle around it, it breaks down how to check and change the filter with step-by-step instructions and infographics.

The app has other features, such as the ability to create scenes. The features are equal to the course. The app works well, even if it doesn’t have much to differentiate it from other apps on the market.

Outside of this, there is not much more to say. Starkvind does a good job of cleaning the air in your home, and the assembly process makes for an interesting conversation starter.

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The main selling point of Ikea Starkvind is its unique design, but its air purifying properties should not be underestimated. I kept the air quality monitor (separate from the built-in) plugged in near the purifier, and saw noticeable improvements while running the Starkvind. It’s a great option to get more functionality out of a device that would otherwise take up space.

IKEA Starkvind comes in multiple colours.

Is there a better alternative?

There are certainly air purifiers with more bells and whistles, but there aren’t really any options that combine a table and air purifier the way Starkvind does. If you are looking for two functions in one, you can consider LG PuriCare Aerotower – air purifier and fan in one.

How long will it last?

The Starkvind filter is about six months old, after which it can be easily replaced. The design itself is robust, with smart design choices to protect potential entry points. Although I wouldn’t try to stand it up, Starkvind should last for years as a side table or end table.

Should you buy it?

yes. If you don’t mind assembling it yourself, Starkvind makes an attractive piece of furniture and an effective air purifier. While I’d love to see more functionality in the app – and to see Starkvind’s next iteration bring something new to the air purifier space – this is a solid buy.

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