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Anwar Saleem’s house in Nemom in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, is very special as it stands proudly on a 5 cents plot of land which posed quite a few challenges during the time of construction. A channel passes through the back of the plot. Therefore, a legal setback of 3 meters had to be left here as well. This was a big hit as the plot got smaller, leaving minimal options for the designer to combine designer features with basic amenities. The owner was worried about not having enough space even to build a car porch. However, the architect TG Arun deserves to be commended for designing such a great house that looks great and has all the amenities needed as well.

The attractive space at the rear is designed as an enclosed area, close to the boundary wall. It also has a glass roof. Interestingly, this area has been converted into a backyard where you can park your car or host parties. The washing area is also arranged here.

The elevation features a flat box style to use spaces wisely in the crowded plot. The wood cladding display wall is the highlight of the front side of the house. Meanwhile, the GI truss roof was installed above the flat roof. Cement board panels serving as the facade are an interesting design element.

Sitting, living and dining areas, kitchen with work area, master bedroom, patio and backyard are arranged on the ground floor. Meanwhile, there are two additional bedrooms and a foldable divider space upstairs. This area can be converted into a bedroom whenever there are guests. Interestingly, convertible furniture has been set up here to make it a space saver.

The interiors are designed in an open style to make it appear more spacious. The entrance door opens onto the attractive living area. From here, one can enter the open hall where the dining area and kitchen have been arranged. A small courtyard is also arranged near this. The staircase features a stainless steel handrail that creates an elegant ambiance.

Custom-made pieces of furniture don’t make spaces look cluttered. Meanwhile, floors made of glazed tiles are elegant.

The kitchen boasts all the modern facilities while looking elegant. The cabinets are made of marine plywood with a laminate finish. Meanwhile, the working surface has been paved with nano white.

The backyard area is the highlight of the house. A Zen garden with Buddha statue provides a relaxing atmosphere for this area. Besides, a party space and a barbecue place have been arranged here as well. Since this is an enclosed and safe area, the doors can be opened to receive fresh air and natural light.

The family is relieved that they can build their dream home by easily overcoming the spatial challenges posed by a 5 cent plot.

Project facts

Location – Nemom, Trivandrum

Plot of land – 5 cents

Area – 1900 SFT

Owner – Anwar Salem and Sherine Anwar

Designer – Arun TG

Divine Graphite Houses, Trivandrum

Mobile – 9895955955

Budget – 55 lakh rupees

Completion year – January 2022

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