Jacobs lays the foundation stone for a new apartment in downtown Reno

Jacobs Entertainment begins its first residential project in the Reno Neon Line as it begins construction on Tuesday of a new condominium.

Dubbed “245 North Arlington,” the project will add 60 residential units to the heart of Reno. It also adds residents within the Renault Neon line, something CEO Jeff Jacobs has described as a key component of his company’s efforts to revitalize the downtown West Fourth Street corridor. Jacobs is promoting the Neon Line as a $1.8 billion mixed-use development that will include entertainment, restaurants, retail and art.

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“As the residential community in the Neon Lane area of ​​Reno grows, we continue to expand on our mission to create a lively work environment downtown,” Jacobs said. “The new complex, 245 North Arlington, is an important component of the ongoing development of the Renault Neon line.”

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