Jasmine Roth uses this exact shade on “80 percent” of the walls

No one knows the importance of paint quite like Jasmine Roth. While hosting HGTV’s hidden potential Realizing the power of home decor and the right accessories, the designer knows that a successful space begins with finding the right base. And Jasmine Ruth has have found One.

In an interview with H&GJasmine revealed that there is only one shadow sitting at its peak paint ideas It’s the color you use on about 80 percent of the walls you paint. Shadow in question? Den Edwards faded gray (Opens in a new tab).

Favorite paint color is Jasmine Roth

(Image credit: Staples)

My favorite paint color is Dunn-Edwards faded gray. This is what you can see on the walls here [in my home office]. “I probably use 80 percent of the walls I paint for interior spaces,” says Yasmine. ‘I think it’s really beautiful; It’s not too grey, not stark white.

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