Jim’s Group cuts ties with Metropolitan Plumbing

The long-running franchise Jim’s Group is severing ties with Metropolitan Plumbing after 18 years.

Then came the decision current affair It revealed the costly practices of Metropolitan Plumbing, as well as a long list of brand names that trade under ABN itself.

Australian brand owner Jim’s Group, Jim Penman, spoke exclusively to A Current Affair’s Georgia Westgarth about the decision.

Metropolitan Plumbing. (current affair)

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“That whole story and what was discovered is really a lot,” Jim Penman said.

“Some of the things that came out of this story were very disappointing or surprising… I think people are paying way too much.

“I’m not happy you called Jim’s Plumbing and Metropolitan, and I’m also not happy with the kick we’re getting on prices.”

C group. (current affair)

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Penman explained that Metropolitan Plumbing paid a licensing fee to use Jim’s Plumbing brand name, which is not part of Jim’s Group’s many franchises.

Instead, it was operated by Metropolitan Plumbing.

Metropolitan Plumbing’s owner, David Ellingsen, approached Penman to organize the licensing agreement 18 years ago.

David Ellingsen. (current affair)

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“He said, ‘I want to expand across the country and I want a reliable brand and I would like to do business with you,’” Penman said.

What Penman said he wasn’t aware of, were the prices Metropolitan and Jim’s Plumbing were charging customers.

“We are very concerned about what happened,” Penman said.

He blatantly called them “too expensive” and said that even a millionaire wouldn’t use their services.

“If a pipe bursts in my house and it’s underwater, I’ll call Metropolitan – Jim Plumbing – no problem because I know they’ll turn up, which most plumbers don’t,” he said.

The owner of trusted Australian brand Jim’s Group, Jim Penman. (current affair)

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“However, if I wanted to fix the hot water service system, I wouldn’t call them because they are too expensive.”

The agreement will expire within six months when Jim’s Plumbing disappears.

Penman hopes one day to start operating as a franchise of the Jim Group.

“He’s going to have to make changes, he’s going to have to let people go. And I hope some of them will become Jim Plumbing’s independent franchisees to deliver the kind of service we want to provide with our other divisions,” Penman said.

“We don’t want Jim’s Plumbing on that model anymore, again and won’t do it again with any other company I can tell you about.”

Metropolitan Plumbing customers contact A Current Affair. (current affair)

A Current Affair has revealed 36 different brand names that are traded under two ABN-connected companies Ellingsen and Metropolitan Plumbing.

These companies pass by Mr. Emergency, Upside Down, Cyber ​​Plumbing Electrical, Aircon, Cybie, Jim’s Plumbing, Only Hot Water, Book A Plumber Online and sometimes work with each other in the same job.

“Well, the sheer number of brands was the biggest shocker I had no idea,” Penman said.

“The normal thing is if you call Jim, Jim’s person will show up.”

Ellingsen lives in Adelaide and runs Metropolitan Plumbing across the country. current affair It does not indicate that Ellingsen is aware of or condone the overcharging of Metropolitan customers.

Metropolitan Plumbing. (current affair)

current affair It was inundated with angry customers who claimed it had been stolen by Metropolitan or one of their brands after the initial story aired.

I contacted a current employee of the Metropolitan Plumber in South Australia current affair With compelling claims about the way the company filters bad reviews online.

“One of my jobs is also to contact customers about ‘Product Review’ and ‘Google Reviews’ and offer them money, to remove bad reviews,” said the worker, who wishes to remain anonymous. current affair.

Multiple investigations into Metropolitan Plumbing are currently underway.

Allegations of Metropolitan Plumbing practices by Consumer and Business Services in South Australia are currently under investigation.

current affair Contacted the company but received no response.


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