Journey into my Day: Every puzzle solution in Chapter 6

As players follow Chapter 6 on Journey to My Day, they will need to solve four fairly abstract puzzles, three of which are related to the kanji.

Chapter 6 in Journey to my day It features several puzzles that players need to solve to progress through the level, including shrines and obelisks that require some visual research and abstract reasoning. Obelisks, in particular, function somewhat similarly to the closed “claw doors” in The The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Similarly, players will need to rotate the Japanese kanji symbols inscribed in them Journey to my day In the correct vertical order to move to the next area. Keep in mind that once fans move on, they can’t go back to the previous stage. So, make sure you find all the collectibles in the area before you leave.

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The first puzzle that players will reach in Chapter 6 of Journey to my day It is a giant hand that will transport players to the next area once they rotate the kanji in the correct order. The order of this puzzle is as follows: “足 – 木 – 力.” For clarity, the middle finger symbol for “foot” (足) should be on the outer ring. The highest dirt mark indicating ‘tree’ (木) should be in the middle. The letter on the thumb, “force” ( ), must be in the inner circle.

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The events of the second puzzle of Chapter VI take place near the edge of a collapsed corridor inland Journey to my day. The required characters can be seen glowing on the right side of the screen. The correct order of these characters is as follows: “止 – 火 – 日.” More specifically, the middle symbol of ‘stop’ () should be chosen for the outer loop. The center circle should be “Fire” (火), a kanji board located near the edge. Finally, players must use the “sun/day” (日) character as a defining sign for the inner ring.

All puzzle solutions from Chapter VI in Journey to My Day

All puzzle solutions from Chapter VI in Journey to My Day

The third puzzle is identical to the first and the second but has a twist – in the literal sense of the word. After reaching a huge collapsed chasm that leads to a stairwell, players will discover two visible figures, but the third is hidden. To reveal it, interact with the giant statue on the left side by pressing the nearby floor switch. This work in Journey to my day It causes the statue to wrap, displaying the third letter. Accordingly, the solution to this puzzle is “blade – eye – input” or “切 – 目 – 入”.

The last puzzle of chapter 6 in Journey to my day It requires players to interact with several obelisks. These structures will flash in a specific order, and players must activate them accordingly. The order is as follows: front right (1) – rear left (2) – rear right (3) – front left (4).

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Journey to my day Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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