Kentronix Security provides CCTV system installation services in Jacksonville and Parkland, Florida

Searching for Kentronix Security security camera installation services can help people carefully monitor their business and reduce the chances of theft.

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Orange Park, FL – (ReleaseWire) – 06/15/2022 – Kentronix Security was founded by a US Navy veteran and electronics engineering technology graduate, Thomas M. Kent, in 1973. This company has consistently met or exceeded deadlines For customers, production targets, and delivery dates for the past decades. Their impeccable service and dedication make them a reliable provider of business and home security systems in Jacksonville and Weston, Florida. Their client base consists of US and local governments, building contractors, educational service providers, churches, and commercial and residential property owners.

Regardless of their size and size, all businesses need to install security cameras in their premises. Having security cameras throughout the company goes a long way in preventing crimes and intrusions. It acts as a severe deterrent to criminals and anyone planning to carry out illegal activities. Moreover, CCTV systems can help business owners and managers to effectively monitor activities in the workplace. In the event of any unfortunate event, snapshots of these systems can be used as evidence.

CCTV cameras are easy to maintain and are more cost effective than many other security solutions. They can be placed in a location specified by the business owner and do not require extensive modifications to the company’s existing infrastructure. Kentronix Security is one of the most reliable sources for purchasing and installing a security camera system in Jacksonville and Parkland, Florida. They offer security systems with 360 vision, CCTV camera systems, night vision, motion detection, and more. Kentronix Security can repair a security camera system with a remote monitoring facility.

With this feature, one can constantly monitor their business from anywhere in the world, simply through their smartphone or tablet.

Call Kentronix Security at (561) 363-2132, (954) 777-5400, or (904) 777-5400 for a better view of a wide range of services.

About Kentronix Security
Kentronix Security is a veteran owned company that provides dependable security solutions. They primarily serve people across Orange Park, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Davie, West Palm Beach, and Fort Lauderdale.

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