Kodiak Cakes donates proceeds from limited edition products to grizzly bear and wildlife conservation

Wildlife in the American Northwest is getting some serious support from Kodiak Cakes.

The breakfast-powered brand that sells protein-packed pancake mixes, toasted pancakes and cereals is collaborating with the Vital Ground Foundation on a new initiative to conserve grizzly bear habitat.

Kodiak Cakes has pledged to donate 100% of all online sales of its limited edition Keep it Wild directly to the wildlife conservation organization.

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The Park City, Utah company, will match every dollar sold for a dollar, in honor of World Conservation Day.

A grizzly bear cub appears in Simmons Meadow, Montana. (Richard Boughton/Vital Ground Foundation/Fox News)

The special set includes a food package, plus hats, a T-shirt, and a poster print designed by award-winning graphic designer Aaron Derblin.

“I know my design is a simple thing, but I was very proud to contribute in any way,” Draplin said in a statement posted on the Kodiak Cake website.

Kodiak Cake Products Promotion

The complete and limited production line for Kodiak Cake’s Keep it Wild campaign, as designed by Aaron Draplin. (Kodiak Cakes/Fox News)

“I hope my poster will inspire people to learn about these majestic beasts and contribute to their preservation for generations.”

Kodiak Cakes recently welcomed actor Zac Efron as head of the company’s brand. He has acted as a spokesperson for promotion on social media.

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Efron showcased the merchandise and original clothing design in an Instagram post on July 28.

Zac Efron Kodiak Cake

Kodiak Cakes’ new chief brand officer, actor Zac Efron, designs the brand’s Keep it Wild apparel. (Kodiak Cakes/Fox News)

“This is my favorite shirt,” he said. “I wear this every day…it’s sick.”

Kodiak Cakes has been actively donating to the Vital Ground Foundation since the first donation in 2012, according to Vital Ground Partnerships Director Kevin Rhodes.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Rhodes shared that Kodiak Cakes aims to beat last year’s $100,000 donation through this year’s Keep it Wild campaign.

“I want to thank Kodiak Cakes for really taking us to be one of their key partners and for putting money on the ground where you will really count on the bears and the landscape,” he said.

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The Vital Ground Foundation, based in Missoula, Montana, is a wildlife conservation organization working to protect grizzly bear habitats across the Rocky Mountains and the American Northwest.

Rhodes reported that one of the foundation’s missions was to build programs to prevent conflict between bears and humans.

The Montana Valley and its landscapes

The Yak Valley landscape near the Purcell Mountains in far northwest Montana – a new addition to Vitalground’s Fowler Creek Habitat Conservation project. (Randy/Beachham/Vitalground Foundation/Fox News)

Since the foundation’s beginnings in 1990, Vital Ground has been able to protect more than 683,000 acres of land.

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The Keep it Wild campaign is active while supplies last.

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