Lastar LED Desk Lamp Review

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reconsidering When the pandemic sent millions of workers from the corporate office to the home office, many of us realized that the work-from-home setup was less than ideal for productivity. Upgrading our desktop space has become a priority, and one of the most important aspects of that is lighting. I was on the lookout for a new source of desk lighting when the opportunity to review the Lastar Desk Lamp came up and I immediately agreed. Let’s check it out. The tool is running!

What is this?

The Lastar LED Desk Lamp is an LED desk lamp with a simple and detailed design with many useful features.

What’s in the box?

The contents of the Laster Desk Lamps box are shown in the image above and listed below:

  • Star LED Desk Lamp (Model CM001)
  • AC power adapter
  • user’s Guide

Hardware Specifications

  • Materials:
    • Base and arms: ABS plastic
    • Shade Material: Metal
  • Color options: black only
  • Bulb type: LED
  • Light source: 42-bead LED
  • Luminous flux: max 400 lumens
  • Color temperature: 2800K-5500K (4 levels)
  • LED average life: 50,000 hours
  • Built-in 5V, 1A USB Port
  • Switch pattern: touch
  • Power: 12W (Max)
  • Height: 56.8 centimeters
  • Height: 19.3 cm
  • Width: 12 cm
  • Item weight: 1.73 pounds

Design and Features

The Lastar LED desk lamp has a very minimalist style with a glossy black finish. It also has a relatively small base area so it doesn’t take up much space on your desktop.

The Lastar LED desk lamp is controlled by five powerful controls. Staring from the far left in the photo above:

  • Power – to turn the lamp on and off
  • M – Cycles through the four color modes, described in more detail below
  • Timer – starts a timer that turns off the lamp after 1 hour
  • light – night light


The lamp rotates in two positions, near its head, where it can adjust 180° and down at the base, whose arm can be adjusted by 90°. However, it does not have a rotation feature, so the entire lamp must be rotated if you want to change its position.

The two pivot positions provide a fair amount of adjustability, allowing the light to be positioned to suit your needs.

The lamp can also be rotated so that it stands vertically, casting some interesting shadows in the corner of my desk, or completely flattened (in case you need to).

Lastar desk lamp folds flat and compact for easy portability. It’s actually small enough to fit in a backpack should the need arise. This feature came in handy a few times when I had to pack my computer and some necessities and set up a small makeshift desk in another room.

Color Modes

The Lastar desk lamp has four color modes that you can navigate by pressing the “M” button located at the base of the lamp. In two sets of four photos, I demonstrated each of the four poses. Moving from left to right in the pictures, the four modes are as follows:

  • Study mode – the brightest “blue” light, which is intended to enhance focus while studying. (color temperature 6000K-7000K)
  • Reading Mode – Mid-range color temperature designed to help you focus on reading. (color temperature 4300K-5300K)
  • Relax Mode – Moving further to “warmer” color temperatures, this mode aims to promote relaxation and improve mood. (color temperature 2500K-3300K)
  • Night Light Mode – The “warmest” of the four modes, this mode aims to provide soft, gentle light in an amber tone to promote relaxation and sleep. This mode seems to work somewhat like the “Night Shift” mode on Apple devices. (color temperature 2500K-3300K)

Touch control dimmer

In addition to the four color modes, the intensity level of the Lastar Desk Lamp can be controlled by moving your finger from left to right along the brightness adjustment bar, the arc-shaped line at its base. There are five adjustments to the intensity level as shown in the images above.

With a combination of four color modes and five intensity levels, it offers a total of twenty light settings.

Another useful feature of the Lastar desk lamp is the automatic memory function. The flashlight remembers your recently selected light color and brightness settings and will use those settings when the flashlight is turned on again, instead of going back to the default settings.

USB port

Another very useful feature of the Lastar Desk Lamp is the USB-A port located on the back of the base, near the power cable port. In the photo above, I’m using the Lastar desk lamp to charge a set of MPOW M20 wireless earbuds.

One final aspect of the Lastar desk lamp to note is that while its high-gloss black finish looks great, it’s quite a fingerprint and scratch magnet, which you can see in the photo above.

what I like

  • minimalist style
  • The dimmable LED light has a nice brightness range
  • The timer is useful for reading at night
  • Easy to use USB charging port

What I would like to change

  • The lever does not rotate, you must rotate the base manually
  • It is a fingerprint and scratch magnet

last thoughts

The Lastar desk lamp has a stylish and simple design, and its design includes many useful features. It has a total of twenty light settings, which include four light color modes and five light intensity levels. The hour-timer is useful if you use it for reading before bed, and a USB port installed in the back allows you to charge a phone or other device. It can also be folded flat for easy portability. While the Lastar desk lamp looks a bit cheap to build, I found it to be fairly durable and would consider it a good value for its price.

price: $25.99
Where do I buy?: amazon
source: This product sample was provided by Lastar.

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