Lessons and tips on how to renovate your home from the inside

2:10 PM on August 25, 2022

2:39 PM Aug 25 2022

A clean, fresh aesthetic is the cornerstone of any modern home, and we’ve narrowed it down to five of the simplest ways to make your home look its best.

Launched in January 2021 as a passion for flowers venture, The Suffolk Nest has grown into a one-stop shop for everything flower related. The family-run business specializes in a range of stunning fake and succulent flowers, as well as a variety of elegant home décor products to brighten up your space.

Husband and wife co-founders, Ashley Jane and Chris, are also dedicated to helping their followers create their own unique décor designs at home by offering free live tutorials via Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, as well as DIY garland making kits.

We sat down with Ashley, who shares home decorating tips and five simple ways to update your home decor.

1. View the faux flower arrangement

Ashley explains how she turns to nature and the outside world to find inspiration for floral arrangements and home décor.

“When it comes to artificial flower arrangements, I like to switch things up every season to breathe new life into our home. I recommend choosing stems that reflect what is naturally in bloom at that time of year.” Suffolk Nest releases a new selection of faux arrangements each season, to help you easily renovate your home.

During the summer, Ashley prefers their home to feel light and airy in a more minimalist style. Their faux arrangements reflect this, using a mix of classic foliage such as eucalyptus, fern, and herbs, complemented by delicate, beautiful white flowers. The Faux Wild Flower and Summer Meadow arrangements at Suffolk Nest are beautiful examples of this.

As we move into fall and retreat indoors, Ashley prefers warm, earthy colors to mimic the changing leaves and seed pods dried in nature. The newly launched Autumn Faux on Suffolk Nest features a selection of bountiful autumnal arrangements of deep red, rust, and dark brown with dried hydrangeas, branches, and faux leaves.

2. Use vases and planters to fill in the space

Whether used as an advertisement on their own, or to hold a fresh or fake flower arrangement, a pretty vase is a simple way to add texture and personality to an empty space. However, the size you choose requires some careful thought.

“A small vase in a large space can easily look very lost, so make sure the size matches your furniture and the space around it,” Ashley says. “The choice of your vase is just as important as the flowers you hold – they must work in harmony.”

Materials like concrete and terracotta can add warmth and depth to a simple decor scheme. The Marlesford pot is a rustic, textured loam that’s perfect for holding faux white cosmos stems in summer or dried flowers in fall.

In the summer months, Ashley suggests choosing clear glass or white ceramic vases for a light and refreshing feel.
– Credit: Live Suffolk

In the summer months, Ashley suggests clear glass or white ceramic vases for a light and refreshing feel. The classic vase, made of antique white terracotta and detailed with a floral pattern, is an elegant addition to the home and coordinates perfectly with an array of flower arrangements.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, the rattan planter can be stuffed with lavender, ivy, and herbs, and cushioned with fresh pillow moss for a summery rustic look.

3. Combine candles and candle holders for the ambiance

Come summer or winter, candles are a great addition to any space, whether you dress up a sophisticated dinner table or create a cozy reading nook. Ashley recommends placing tall, tapered candles along a table for dramatic effect, or placing one atop a stack of books to design a coffee table.

Pair pencil candles with an elegant stand, such as a white ceramic holder or tall candelabra for an elegant table or sideboard display.

4. Add greenery for a fresh feel

“A room without green seems incomplete to me, and fake foliage stalks are the easiest and most effective way to add life to your home,” Ashley says.

Fresh Moss in a Simple Pot Atop Coffee Books for Home Table Decor by The Suffolk Nest

Incorporating greenery, coffee books into your table and shelf decor displays is a great way to give an empty space some added elegance.
– Credit: Live Suffolk

Suffolk Nest has a range of beautiful foliage to choose from, such as Faux Eucalyptus Spray or Faux Olive Branches to help create the best background and basis for your floral arrangements.

“Green helps us feel more relaxed and calm, which benefits our daily lives and improves our mood. It even has the ability to help our brains generate new ideas,” Ashley tells us.

Suffolk Nest’s fake stems come in varying lengths and shades of green with realistic leaves and branches, making them easy to arrange and add greenery.

The Rattan Planter from The Suffolk Nest, a home décor company in Suffolk.

Ashley recommends filling your plants with herbs, lavender, and ivy for a rustic, summery look that lasts all year long.
– Credit: Live Suffolk

5. Wreaths

“For me, a wreath is the perfect way to give your home a seasonal feel. It’s not just for Christmas—for me, it symbolizes the start of a new season,” Ashley says.

Autumn wreath sets from The Suffolk Nest, a Suffolk home décor company.

Suffolk Nest Annual Fall Wreath Collections will soon be available to decorate your home next season.
– Credit: Live Suffolk

Suffolk Nest offers their seasonal wreath making kits, which include all the materials you need to make your own wreaths at home. The all-new Autumn Wreath Kit will soon be available on their website for you to purchase for the upcoming season.

To browse the amazing home décor products at The Suffolk Nest, visit thesuffolknest.com. To make an inquiry, contact [email protected]

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