Letter – Google and Facebook must pay to use the news or produce their own – The Suffolk News-Herald

To the editor:

I recently read two editorials by you in the Suffolk News-Herald on the Competition and Preservation of the Press Act (JCPA). I would like to mention briefly two issues related to obtaining public support to effectively support your legislative efforts.

First, as I see it, getting citizens to write to members of Congress will be hampered by the negative image that many have of the establishment of the press. Many people have given up being news agents because of the “political correctness” in how important social issues are covered, particularly those related to government failures in the “wars on poverty and inequality”.

Some legal progress has been made against inequality, but most anti-poverty efforts have led to the violent crime that has developed over the past 50 years. This type of crime, which continues to escalate, did not exist in our society before Lyndon Johnson began his socialist programmes. There are direct relationships between where the most welfare money is spent and where the highest rates of violent crime are. It is impossible to get the mainstream media to deal directly with these issues.

Second, some notions about the enterprise of journalistic business seem to be missing. Why do news publishers have to negotiate with news distributors like Facebook and Google? For example, a recording is produced in the music industry. A radio or television music distributor plays a recording on the air or embeds it in a movie. As far as I know there is no negotiation; The record company charges a set fee for each one-time use by the music distributor. If a music distributor fails to pay the set fee, it can be sued under federal copyright law. This means that every time I read a copyrighted article by Suffolk News-Herald in Google News, Google News must pay Suffolk News-Herald the specified fee each time someone like me reads an article. Google News gets its money for the fees that come from its advertising income.

If Google News only values ​​low-quality news, someone should develop a news distribution service that does. I suspect there are a lot of people who have given up on the current mainstream news going to a website that publishes quality journalism.

Hope this is useful. Thomas Jefferson stated, “The press is the best tool for enlightening the mind of man.” Unfortunately, his quote was previously found in Virginia pilot Newspaper lobby. This building is now being converted into luxury apartments in downtown Norfolk.

Joseph L. Bass, Ed


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