Lickitung 3D Printed Pokémon Fan Features a Realistic Retractable Tongue

A Pokémon fan shared a look at the 3D-printed Lickitung, which features a hinged, retractable tongue that’s both subtle and funny.

a Pokemon Fans have created an impressively realistic Lickitung model by 3D printing – even going so far as to give their creations an articulated, retractable tongue. Lickitung is perhaps one of the most memorable generation 1 Pokemon Thanks to his cute design, extra-large tongue, and many tricks in his Pokemon Anime series.

With nearly 900 distinct types of Pokémon on the list, every fan has their own favorite characters, although many have a special fondness for Gen One’mons. The first generation of pocket monsters carries a lot of nostalgia for the franchise, and its characters are widely seen across the merchandise, Pokemon GO events, and more. Due to their immense popularity, former Pokémon are often the subject of fan art and creations, with users imagining characters like Dragonair in the real world, and even Gen-One Pokémon as Marvel characters.

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Redditor twolf201 shared a look at a 3D-printed model of the Lickitung Pokémon in action, with a video showing how the really impressive tongue dip works. The figure has what appears to be a wheel that will pull its excessively long tongue up to its head when moved, giving Lickitung a fully functioning tongue. While the design is yet to be sketched out, twolf201 has created a wonderfully lifelike Lickitung that’s nearly small enough to fit a Poké ball.

The Lickitung model isn’t the first 3D-printed design from twolf201, as a user recently snorted on Reddit with a 3D-printed Rayquaza Pokémon. Similar to Lickitung, Rayquaza gave the user some expression, although this time not with his tongue, but instead with his body. The end product is a game that can be completely cast on the lovable pocket monster, just like Lickitung, showing off the creator’s skills with a 3D printer.

While it is easy to find an official Pokemon Merchandise and numbers around the world, there is something to be said for unique creations from fans like twolf201. Given the size of the franchise list, and thanks to technological advances in 3D printing, there is virtually no limit to the Pokémon creations that Pokémon fans can bring to life if they have patience, means, and skill. With Lickitung and Rayquaza already under their belt, it seems likely that the creator is determined to make more 3D-printed mons, and those looking to continue their work can find them on Reddit to see what’s next. PokemonThe project can be inspiring.

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Source: twolf201 / Reddit

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