Light reading: May – June 2022 – Power lines

Photo courtesy of North Cascades Institute

Skagit Tours is calling your name
Whether it’s your first time or you haven’t visited in a while, a trip with Skagit Tours should be on your summer travel list.

Just a short drive from Seattle, Skagit Tours offers morning and afternoon boat tours aboard the Alice Ross IV on the glacier waters of Diablo Lake. Tours showcase your facilities’ long-term dedication to producing clean, carbon-neutral energy while protecting cultural and natural resources as well as stunning landscapes in one of the country’s most stunning parks. Also, for the first time in two years, the classic Dam Good Chicken dinner at the Gorge Inn in Newhalem is back, bringing tradition on a plate with our famous meal.

This year’s touring season runs from late June through Labor Day. Start planning your North Cascades adventure today at or call (360) 854-2589.

Struggling with your bills? Help is available. Make a plan now.
Have you defaulted on your payments or are you struggling to pay your bill? We have flexible payment plans available to all clients. If you’re a residential customer, you may also qualify for a 60% discount on your electric bill and up to $1,000 in emergency assistance to pay off your overdue balance. Visit or call (206) 684-3000 today.

Heading to the water this summer? Watch out for aquatic invasive species!

Find out how these species can affect our hydroelectric facilities and what you can do to help protect them on our blog:

Supporting clean energy with Green Up
Green Up is a voluntary renewable energy program that allows you to support wind, solar, and other renewable energy projects in the Pacific Northwest. You also help us fund rooftop solar projects that you host not-for-profits such as schools, parks and affordable housing.

Learn more at

Efficient Water Heaters – $500 Instant Discount
Heat pump water heaters, also known as hybrid water heaters, are the most efficient way to heat water. They cut water heating costs by up to 50%. We offer an instant $500 discount at Lowe’s and Home Depot or you can get $500 off when you purchase your device from a different retailer. Learn more at:

City Light crews in these neighborhoods provide reliable service:

  • Northeast Seattle: Replacing Old Underground Infrastructure in the Inverness Area to Improve Reliability
  • Service area: Replacing old crankshafts to enhance safety and reliability
  • South Lake Union: Construction Improvements at Denny Substation

For a detailed list of City Light building projects, please visit

Drones are popular, but like kites, they should be used in open areas to avoid contact with power lines.

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