Luxury homes for sale: How this Sydney home earned $1.35 million a year

You won’t believe the before and after of this major renovation in Sydney.

The new divine interiors also boosted the balance sheet to a new level of luxury.

Mosman’s property cost $3.05 million in 2018 as a raw 1930s cottage with a rustic kitchen, antique beige wallpaper, a rambling garden, and a wood-paneled sunroom.

But Renault sweeper has more than doubled the price. Pricefinder data showed that the elegant overhaul was highly transformative, with the home taking in $1.35 million annually in value, and selling again in 2021 for $7.1 million.

And now a new owner is being sought for 5 Julian Street.

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The property is at 5 Julian Street, Mosman prior to renovation. (specialization)
Luxury real estate renovation Sydney Palace
The interface is as stunning as it is today. (specialization)

The updates were overseen by Cadence & Co’s architectural team, Domain reported when it was last offered for sale. The works have rendered the home largely unrecognizable from previous listing photos, but there are a few small hints about the tired old spaces it used to be before design experts swept over it.

The home, located on a street near the water, has a “luxury rustic feel,” according to a Christie’s International real estate listing.

All the while, high-end finishes get attention, including oak floors for tactile warmth, and steel French doors, for an industrial boom.

A dining room with a deep bay window, a beauty of cream and patterned wallpaper has become a bright and bright bedroom.

The kitchen, which is positioned behind this bedroom, has been moved to the other end of the property. Replacing the blue, brown and gray kitchen is a bedroom en-suite.

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Palace luxury home renovation in Sydney
The kitchen is dated to Mosman’s title. (specialization)
Renovation of luxury mansion in Sydney for sale real estate property
The charming new heart of the house, which has been relocated to the other end of the property. (specialization)

The sitting room on the new floor plan – a private, cozy area with an open fireplace and two windows to shower the room in natural light – is where the lounge used to be.

The rest of the lounge and sunroom became a spacious living and dining area, adjacent to the kitchen, which was partly installed in the washroom. The sunroom has also given way to a larger outdoor deck space, and beyond is a fire pit.

The staircase is most similar to what it stood before, but is no longer ugly to the eye and instead becomes a graceful statement in neutral colours.

While the capital gain from the beauty of Julian Street is extraordinary, it would by no means be the only Mosman address that has soared in prices since the pandemic, even without designer-level Renault.

Mosman’s median home price is $4.85 million, according to the latest industry data, a 9.5 percent increase over 12 months, and 35 percent over five years.

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luxury house in sydney for sale real estate renovation
Stiletto dining room before design gurus sweep. (the field)
Mosman Sydney House for sale luxury renovation property
The room is now a light-flooded bedroom next to the bay window. (specialization)
Luxury real estate for sale and renovation in Sydney
The old lounge room, adjacent to the sun room, needs a renovation. (specialization)
Sydney house for sale luxury mansion real estate and renovation
Part of it is now a living room with a functional but elegant fireplace. (specialization)
Sydney luxury real estate renovation mansion for sale
The staircase in front of the spacious Renault. (specialization)
Luxury mansion real estate in Sydney for sale renovation
The new staircase speaks of the old design, with wooden handrails, but it is more refined. (specialization)
Sydney real estate luxury real estate palace
The wood-paneled sunroom was the height of retro. (specialization)
Luxury real estate renovation in Sydney Palace
Now, it’s an open area worth relaxing and eating in. (area)
Sydney real estate for sale mansion renovation
The Roaming Garden at 5 Julian Street was romantic and from the 1930s era. (specialization)
Mosman Sydney luxury real estate renovation mansion estate design
The garden is now flawlessly landscaped and polished, with allotted spaces, and the sunroom gone in the back. (specialization)

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