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Spirit Lake, Iowa – The former CEO of the company who lives in the Twin Cities, wanted to return to his native Iowa.

However, he and his wife Barb did not want to give up luxury with this step.

That’s why the Giese family purchased a two-story, five-bedroom home in Arthur Heights, a quiet, family-friendly neighborhood on Spirit Lake’s East Lake in 2012.

“Our house is not on the lake, but it is close,” Al-Jezy said.

On the table behind the bar are bottles of whiskey that Barb Gee’s father collected. The wine cellar, in the back, features $10 bottles of wine favored by Barb’s Al’s husband.

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Soul Lake House

The dining room set, which once belonged to Barb Giese’s grandmother, adds an elegant touch to this Spirit Lake home. The dining room group, made in Germany in the 1920s, is now located opposite the entrance on the first floor of the house.

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Barb Gees, while touring the home, which has more than 12 rooms plus a three-car garage, said the home was well maintained when the couple bought it.

“That was a big selling point,” she said. “The house had beautiful Brazilian cherry wood floors throughout and had a lot of perks.”

Among these perks are a home theater as well as a bar and wine cellar containing bottles of whiskey collected by Barb Gee’s father.

“This is where I keep my $10 bottles of wine,” said the Geez, laughing.

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Walking around the house, Barb Giese said its décor reflects her sense of style.

“You look in the magazines and you see houses all in black or white,” she said. “Those homes look too cold or too cold to me.”

Instead, Barb Giese prefers a nice shade of beige to her rooms.

“I think that makes it more warm and lively,” she explained.

The dining room is particularly welcoming, with a furniture set that once belonged to Barb Giese’s grandparents.

“It was made in Germany in the 1920s,” she said.

Soul Lake House

Barb Giese still keeps this antique writing desk, which was in her childhood bedroom, in the Spirit Lake home she shares with her husband, Al Giese.

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Soul Lake House

An antique commode, once owned by Barb Geezy’s grandparents, can be found in the couple’s bedroom.

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Likewise, the basic bedroom features meaningful memorabilia, like a vintage writing desk that Barb Geese used as a kid.

Additionally, there is an antique flint that was once owned by Barb Geez’s great-grandfather.

Family is very important. This is certainly true when the two daughters of the Geezes come to visit.

“It’s one of the great things about owning a lakeside home,” said the Geez with a laugh. “We receive a lot of visits from the family every summer.”

“I know our granddaughters always say they have regular friends back home and summer friends in Okoboji,” Barb Giese said. “It’s fun that they are enjoying our home as much as we do.”

However, Al Giese readily admits that it is his wife who keeps the interior of the house in tip-top shape.

“Barb decorates the house,” he said. “I’ll take care of the garden.”

This way of life is a perfect blend of country and city life, said Eljess, reflecting on his time at the lakes.

“Here, we get the modern items in our house,” he said. “Plus we can see a lot of wildlife from our window.”

In fact, El Jess said it was the perfect home for him and his wife when they bought it.

While they don’t plan to sell it anytime soon, he said it would be an ideal home for a CEO who has an eye for high-end living.

“I lived in the Twin Cities for a long time,” Al-Jezy said. “I’d rather live where I am now.”

Soul Lake House

Al and Barb Giese bought their five-bedroom home a decade ago. Easy access to East Lake Spirit Lake and plenty of space for the family.

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Soul Lake House

The Giese dining room contains an antique dining room set that was once owned by Barb Giese’s grandparents.

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