Manalapan planners approve medical office building on Woodward Road

Manalapan – The members of the Manalapan Planning Board have given initial and final approval to the master site plan of the applicant who has proposed the construction of a medical office building on Woodward Road.

During a meeting on July 28, board members heard testimony from professionals representing Stavola Asphalt. Like the firm’s attorney Peter Wolfson.

Engineer Christopher Salai provided details of the medical office building while testifying before the Board.

Szalay said the 20,250-square-foot, single-story, multi-tenant office building is proposed to be built on a 5.8-acre plot on Woodward Road, about 900 feet north of Route 33.

The property has 570 feet of frontage on Woodward Road and will have two full-fledged lanes (turn left, turn right, turn left and turn right on both lanes).

Medical office building is a permitted use in the special economic development housing area in which the property is located.

Szalay testified that the building will be serviced by public water and sewer systems and said the stormwater management system to be built on site meets the requirements of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

A jetty will be constructed on Woodward Road and within the site.

Traffic engineer Justin Taylor Provide testimony about the two lanes that will be 200 feet apart on Woodward Road.

In response to a question from the board of directors, Taylor said it was not unusual for a building of this size to have two corridors.

He said the south lane will be opposite the Sportica indoor sports facility. There will be no left turn lane for drivers from Route 33 who want to turn left into the Medical Office Building.

Architect Charles Dietz described the building and said that three entrances would face Woodward Road while the fourth entrance would be on the south side of the building (that is, opposite Route 33).

Dietz said the building would be divided into three rooms that would not be interconnected. Each suite may contain two or three tenant spaces, with approximately nine tenants in the building.

He said the tenant space can range in size from about 1,100 square feet to about 3,300 square feet. It’s unlikely the building could accommodate just one or two users, Dietz said.

The applicant’s representatives certify that the surgical center will not be a tenant of the premises.

The professionals on the Board of Directors, Engineer Brian Boccanfuso and Planner Christine Bell, and members of the Board of Directors did not raise significant issues regarding the specification of information and development provided by the applicant’s professionals.

No one in the audience commented on the app when they had the opportunity to do so. A proposal has been made to give initial and final approval to the master site plan with some design exemption.

In a roll-call vote, board members Catherine Kwak, Barry Fisher, Todd Brown, John Castronovo, Daria D’Agostino, Township Committeeman Jack McNaboe, Township Committeeman Barry Jacobson, Steven Kastell and Brian Shorr voted “yes.”

Stavola asphalt The company also has a plan to develop retail and restaurant space at the intersection of Route 33 West and Woodward Road. The council is scheduled to hear the plan for this project in its meeting on August 11th at the municipality building.

Information previously provided by the applicant indicates that Stavola Asphalt is proposing the construction of three buildings at the intersection. By application:

• The East Building will cover approximately 7,260 square feet and will consist of two indoor retail spaces, a fast food restaurant at the east end, a fast food restaurant with a drive-through window at the west end, and 62 parking spaces. The two restaurants will provide indoor and outdoor seating.

• The center building will have an area of ​​approximately 8000 square feet and will consist of two indoor retail spaces and two restaurants in the final spaces. Retail space may also be rented through medical/professional office uses. Each restaurant will provide indoor and outdoor seating. Allocating 64 parking spaces for the center building and its users.

• The building on the westernmost part of the lot will be a 3,000 square foot fast food restaurant with a car window and 57 parking spaces. During a previous meeting, representatives of the applicant said that Burger King would occupy this building.

An access lane is proposed on Route 33 and one access lane is proposed on Woodward Road.

Former Board Members Approved the residential component of the Stavola Asphalt development plan on a 41-acre plot on Route 33 near Woodward Road.

Manalapan Landing will be built by K. Hovnanian Homes and will include for sale market price housing and for sale affordable housing.

Affordable housing in New Jersey is defined as housing that is sold or rented at below-market prices to individuals and families whose income meets certain guidelines.

During hearings on housing demand, David Fisher, vice president at K. Hovnanian Homes, Edison, said 105 two-story homes will be sold at market rates.

Residential homes will range in size from 2,200 square feet to 2,500 square feet and have a one-car or two-car garage. Every country house would have a basement, Fisher said.

Manalapan Landing will include 45 condominiums that will be designated as low-income and middle-income units.

The housing units, in three buildings, will consist of two bedrooms (30 units) and three bedrooms (15 units) and range in size from about 700 square feet to about 1,250 square feet, Fisher said.

He testified that the housing units would be marketed by K.Hovnanian to eligible individuals and families on low and middle incomes.

Fisher said a track has been planned to connect Manalapan Landing to Stavola Asphalt’s proposed retail use at the corner of Route 33 and Woodward Road.

Access to homes at Manalapan Landing will be right-in, straight-out on Route 33, a short distance west of the state highway’s junction with Woodward Road.

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