Mansfield Container House: With its foldable facades, this container house is fully modular

In modern architecture, more and more new habitats are emerging with an emphasis on restoration, recycling, and the environment. Gabion or self-construction, many owners are turning to homes that were considered contentious and finished only a few years ago. Such is the case of container houses, formerly used as masonry huts, and again! Today, the decommissioned marine container is a highly sought after raw material which enables remarkable achievements. Australian architect, Ruby WalkerAnd the It proves to us once again that with two shipping containers it is possible to design a wonderful L-shaped house. And this container house hides a wonderful secret… discovery!

La Mansfield Container House

Ruby Walker He is an architect based in Melbourne, Australia, in the foothills of the Victorian Alps. To create his beautiful home, he combined two unused shipping containers to turn it into a gorgeous dwelling. He chose to build his home off the grid, and So it does not depend on electricity and water networks. His tiny container house allows him for family vacations or solitary retreats. It is called Mansfield Container House, simply because it is located in the town of Mansfield. It consists of two 20-foot containers, with a total area of ​​30 square feet, placed by the owner in an L, so as to create a terrace space in the center of the container. For decoration the architect wanted Maintaining the industrial profile of containersso he covered the exterior walls with paint, leaving the metal exposed.

And how is it inside?

For his home’s interior décor, Robbie also chose to reveal the raw side of the container. Thus, he covered all the walls with panels of natural and glossy plywood. In one of the containers is the master bedroom that sleeps two people In a foldable double bed. To save space, the owner chose to install the bathroom in this part of the house, and the other is keeping a rather nice secret! Mansfield Container House runs on solar energy through rooftop-mounted photovoltaic panels, as wellgenerator that stores energy. For water, he installed recovery devices that could allow the collection of 1,000 liters of water.

Image credit: Robbie Walker
Container house opening facade
Image credit: Robbie Walker

The cherry on the candy?

What is the benefit of this container house? We’ve already introduced some of them, but none have had this peculiarity yet: Ruby installed these containers at right angles, but was not satisfied with a simple balcony. In fact, the steel monsters are connected by a hydraulic bridge that can be folded or opened according to the needs. The balcony is also foldable, so thatYou can enjoy the outdoors in all seasons. In winter, the terrace closes and forms a wall to a space where there is a large fireplace. The container wall opens and closes to reveal a summer panorama or a large living room with a full kitchen. This hidden porch is beautiful, isn’t it? More info:

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