Mature organic and neutral hues make the cut

The buzzword this season is searching for scents, matching a scent to a room or recreating a happy memory. Gingko’s Meadows & Byrne smart diffuser lamp gives off a lasting scent while doubling as a table lamp, adding an extra layer of ambiance to your space (59€).

sassy naked

Have you noticed that the female figure appears in accessories? Line drawings, candles, and small carvings hanging on a shelf now join Lovely Lady’s ceramic pot for a fashionable houseplant display (from Interiosity €29.95).

making waves

Here’s a quick preview of the Penneys’ fall-winter collection to spice up your countertop, getting cutting boards and charcuterie from the design team, and cutting out straight lines for a zigzag, ribbed beauty that adds new texture and shape (€4.50).

paint job

A smack of emulsion changes the look and feel of the chamber quickly and without straining the wallet. Watch out for Colortrend’s new Weather collection, which picks up upcoming trends for next season in colors like the delicious Batch Loaf, a warm neutral that borrows warm white with a hint of mushroom (€32.50 per liter at Pat McDonnell Paints, B&Q).

power days

We’re still feeding on our healthy summer leaves before setting off in the fall and pumpkins in the coming weeks. Next’s Home set includes a mango-wood salad bowl with matching servers to make picking the simplest leaves special, and they can go on to earn their buck filled with winter leek and lamb lettuce (€58).

Seat space

Pressed into service for all kinds of events and situations, the humble bench not only accommodates extra bums around the table, but is happily deployed as a side table while working the night shift as a convenient place to unload a robe at the end of the bed. The quilted H&M Home model landed last month (€179).

Beautiful Latisima

Nothing beats a bowl of Bialetti mocha, in my view, for savoring coffee that morning while it’s raining outside. But for the ardent dairy queens who insist on a milky barista-style cappuccino or a latte, DeLonghi’s Lattissima One Nespresso machine gives you creamy Italian-style coffee (€259.95 at Brown Thomas).

direction clock

Colors that go with neutral décor this season are blue, pale pink, and soft green. Pair one with the continuing trends of stained glass, sinuous lines and warm metallics, and you have the Positano Belly Vase from EZ Living Interiors to hold sprigs of foliage in the garden or just look good as a stand-alone item (€45).

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