Meals on Wheels In August, Rowan raised for AniMEALS over $40,000 for pets and seniors.

Rowan County, NC (WBTV) – “August is for AniMEALs” is a month-long campaign and collaboration with local businesses to collect pet food and donations to support Rowan AniMEALs’ Meals on Wheels program. Having raised a record $17,560 in 2021, Meals on Wheels Rowan has partnered with Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary to share revenue and pet food.

AniMEALS President Kimberly Hardiman said, “We were amazed at the support we received last year during the month of August for AniMEALs. When we started planning for this year’s August for AniMEALs, I wanted to hit our goal high and we also wanted to bring in faithful friends to benefit more animals.” Hardman has served as president of AniMEALS for August since 2019. Hardman has hired Debbie Barnhardt of Barnhardt Jewelers and Lorna Medinger of Hughes Plumbing Supply to help organize the month-long event.

This year, Hardman set out to raise $20,000 in pet donations and two tons of pet food. “Kimberly’s motto is ‘Go away or go home,'” said Alexandra Fisher, Director of Development and Marketing for Meals on Wheels Fund, and Kimberly has been a huge hit. Meals on Wheels and Faithful Friends raised $30,108.5 for pets and $10,833 for human meals, Totaling $4,0941.50!”

“August’s success for AniMEALS the past two years has helped grow our AniMEALS program. In addition to delivering pet food alongside meals, we now have funding to provide health checks, vaccinations, personal care, and basic veterinary services for pets from our meal recipients,” said Cindy Fink, Executive Director of Meals on Wheels Rowan.

“We were so excited to be joining this year’s AniMEALs in August,” said Mary Badavik, Director of Friends of Faithful. “The donations we received throughout the month will provide veterinary care for the cats and dogs living on the sanctuary while awaiting adoption. We take all breeds and ages of cats and dogs, many of which are He has health conditions and medical concerns that require veterinary care, medication, or special food for pets.”

Hardman added, “We are grateful to everyone who has donated. On top of the financial donations, we have collected over 1.5 tons of pet food. We would like to thank all the local businesses that have served as delivery sites for pet food donations. Several raffle sites have offered prizes for those who donated in Their locations.Debbie Barnhardt of Barnhardt Jewelers and I drew a prize for a claw-printed pendant and necklace.Dr. James K. Jolly, DDS, West Rowan Farm and Garden, Lazy 5 also made gifts.There is a lot of creativity and planning this month We are grateful to everyone who made it happen.”

This year’s drop locations are Barnhardt Jewelers, Hughes Plumbing Supply, Dr. James K.Jolly, DDS, Lazy 5 Animal Hospital, Stitchin’ Post, West Rowan Home and Garden, Rowan Animal Clinic.

“We are very pleased with how successful this collaboration has been. We loved hosting Fuzzy Buddies Fun Day at Sanctuary this year and are amazed at the generosity of our community for pets and seniors in our community. We know and appreciate how important pets are,” said Marcia Parrott, Chair of Faithful Friends. The support Meals on Wheels provides to its customers and their pets.

Fink said, “Pet companions are incredibly beneficial for the emotional well-being of seniors staying at home. Thanks to our donors, sponsors, and other supporters, we can provide participants in our meals with the resources and veterinary care their beloved pets need to stay healthy and fed.”

Fisher added, “The support that our seniors and their pets receive during August is that AniMEALS always amazes us. Thank you to Kimberly Hardiman and the rest of the AniMEALS planning team for making August for AniMEALS such a successful event.”

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