Meet Diane Hill, the designer who brings a modern twist to Chinoiserie

If you haven’t heard of it before Diane HillThe artist has become a household name you don’t want to forget. Originally known for her exquisite frescoes, Hill broke into the design world for her expert technique of painting 18th century Chinese style on silk wallpaper. What started as a year-long passion project in her daughter’s nursery in 2016, has taken on new life as a springboard for her brand, which combines traditional painting techniques with timely modern elements.

“I just thought ‘I should share this more broadly,'” Hill explains. I started with art prints, but I Is that true He wanted this to be bigger. I like that it’s not a panoramic sight. It’s like creating this landscape of a magical garden.”

Diane Hill

Diane Hill

Some of Hill’s fans may be familiar with her work from printing “A Change is Gonna Come,” a tribute to singer Sam Cooke that went viral in the summer of 2020, as protests over racial justice erupted around the world. “At the time of George Floyd’s death, I decided to launch this publication. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to raise money for charity,” she explains.

“It resonated with people globally, raising more than $18,000,” Hill says. The reaction was strong enough to take a pause from creating custom backgrounds, and make time for prints instead. In Season of Tragedy, Hill was able to create touching art that speaks volumes—and will continue to do so.

Change will come charity print

Diane Hill


Hill Marvels: “We sold a thousand prints in one week, it’s now on the walls of 1,000 people as a constant reminder.”

Today, it has expanded its offering with a beautiful wallpaper and fabric collection with Harlequin. The line exudes Hill’s distinctive color and reputation, guiding us to a dreamy paradise of flowers, enchanting birds, and fresh fruit. Hill was inspired by her love of summer to create a collection that lives and breathes the thrill of warm weather. “I love the fresh feeling of the first day of summer where you just want to go out with all your friends… where you wake up in the morning, and you see that blue sky, and you feel so cheerful,” she said. “Even in winter, I plan to wake up feeling the same.”

Need a spring refreshment? We have all the advice for you here.

Diane Hill Artistic Fabrics

Andy Goure Ltd.

Diane Hill wallpaper art

Andy Goure Ltd.

Despite the long-standing association between hand-colored hangings and opulence and luxury, Hill is determined to offer her work—whether it’s a single print or a canvas stud—at an accessible price. But that doesn’t stop her from capturing every detail of her complex process.

The translation of her drawings on a large scale has worked perfectly for the artist. Every brush stroke, every shading, and even the metallic detail that has been sprayed in all of her illustrations is visible in the detonation scale. “My drawings are very complex,” Hill says. “I will find the smallest brush I can get and cut the bristles as if I were painting with hair.”

Maximalist, Hill suggests expanding your indoor garden by decorating all four walls with a vibrant print. If you are a beginner in adding color prints to your home, you can choose to add wallpaper inside the alcoves or inside the cabinets.

“I created this collection to inspire women to decorate boldly and express themselves. Do it — if you want to start small, start small,” she explains. “We can express ourselves the way we dress, but when it comes to interiors, people are a bit more nervous because it always looks. Pick your favorite color and inject it into your home. If you like to wear it, wear it on your walls too.”

Diane Hill artwork pear

Andy Goure Ltd.

Artistic Diane Hill

Andy Goure Ltd.

If you tend to cover every corner of your home with hill work – you’re just beyond the “add to cart” button to make this a reality. The inspirational publication “A Change is Gonna Come” is available for purchase and all proceeds go on to the NAACP and United Family and Friends Campaign. When Hill isn’t creating wallpaper, designer can be found collaborating with Sarah Flint on a scarf collection, a gorgeous nap dress. Hill House Inspired by the instantly sold-out Bridgerton (Daphne and Kate lovers, get ready for fainting), and much more.

Let it be your inspiration for cheerful decorating – no matter the season.

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