Mighty Dog Roofing is redefining what homeowners in southwest Idaho should expect from a roofing company

Mighty Dog Roofing is leveraging technology to better serve its clients in southwest Idaho including Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Eagle, Kuna, Star, Garden City, West Valley, West Boise and West Bench.

The locally owned and operated company has provided residential and commercial clients in southwest Idaho with roofing, gutters, siding, windows, installation, maintenance and repair services for more than 20 years. All Mighty Dog Roofing work is backed by a Craftsmanship Warranty and Manufacturer’s Warranty.

One of the biggest advantages of employing Mighty Dog Roofing is interacting with its proprietary visualization software – Mighty Dog Visualizer. The program has been cleverly designed with homeowners in mind to give them a clear view of what their humble abode will look like once the trained and experienced crew at Mighty Dog have finished working on their home.

The Mighty Dog Visualizer app runs on a smartphone and has been designed using the magic of sophisticated and advanced image processing algorithms. It allows homeowners to dynamically design the appearance of their homes using easy-to-use before and after tools in real time. The app allows homeowners to cycle through different products and different colors until they’ve settled on a set that perfectly matches their taste.

The impressive Mighty Dog Roofing app never ends with the high-tech magic of the Mighty Dog Visualizer. Using the latest technology, Mighty Dog is also betting big on changing the way home improvement companies operate and faithfully serve their customers for years.

As an example, all information from the Mighty Dog Visualizer, including valuable measurements and the state of a customer’s property, is uploaded to the Mighty Dog Vault, a secure, dedicated store of information. Mighty Dog Vault uses robust enterprise-grade security to store its customers’ data so that it is nearly impossible to hack by malicious actors but still easily accessible by the customer and company technicians.

The Mighty Dog Vault can store a variety of information related to a customer’s property, including location photos and videos, annually updated drone information, warranty information, repair records, manufacturer information, insurance information, realtor or insurance agent reports, and a line The basis is appearance health with the free 25-point Mighty Dog Roofing check and more.

The safe can also be used to schedule annual reminders for roof inspection, keep track of all repairs, replacement dates, track products and services used, maintain a database of materials being installed, track and maintain all warranties in use, work with a realtor to maximize home value, and expedite emergency repairs For Watch Dog maintenance members in the company, maintain insurance information for handling EZ claims, and more.

A spokesperson for the Mighty Dog Vault in southwestern Idaho talks about the many benefits that the Mighty Dog Vault offers: “The Mighty Dog Vault is your answer to not misplacing any valuable property information. You won’t appreciate how simple the Mighty Dog Vault can make claims. Insurance or preparing your home for sale so you face the pain of rummaging through your dresser drawers for the important paperwork you swore you had stored there when you moved into the property – which was 25 years ago. And photographic proof of every single detail about your property is painless.You will be more than grateful to have access to the Mighty Dog Vault when it is time to file a claim or list your property.The Mighty Dog Vault makes dealing with red tape easy because all the details about Work done on your property is always close at hand, safe, away from prying eyes.Moreover, the safe will also make sure to remind you periodically when it is time for a scheduled roof check to ensure that the Your possessions are strong for a long time.”


Readers can call the Bishop of Southwest Idaho at (208) 508-1447 for a free estimate.


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