Missouri AG is filing a petition against St. Louis Co.

Road to Load Best Movers had many complaints about customers being overcharged at the site, their items being held hostage or not being delivered at all.

Street. Lewis County, Missouri — The Office of Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmidt has filed a petition against a carrier after consumers complained that the company was responsible for “hostage loads.”

Schmidt’s office said Road to Load Best Movers, based in southern St. Louis County, obtained contracts to move household goods from brokers and then failed to honor the brokers’ posted rates and other terms of service.

This was the result of an I-Team investigation from February after the Better Business Bureau warned of this particular company as well as the appointment of moving brokers in general.

Consumers say this was basically a bait-and-switch scheme. Many say they don’t even know Road to Load was coming home because clients inadvertently hired what is known as a moving broker, who then contracted with Road to Load.

Billy Powers says he hired a company called Gold Standard Moving when he retired in Atlanta and wanted to move to Alabama. He says he was surprised to meet a man from Road to Load and has described it as a nightmare ever since.

Powers says the company provided him with $5,000 when the driver arrived at the site, broke his furniture, and left half of it in Atlanta. He’s spent the last year trying to get his money back.

“Hopefully everyone gets their money back,” Powers said. “What they did is horrific, and I really hope these guys go to jail.”

The attorney general’s office says it has also received related complaints about some of the defendants, such as serious damage to items. Powers says family legacies were badly damaged while he was on the move.

The petition seeks compensation on behalf of consumers, as well as a permanent injunction to stop the accused from continuing to run the business and civil penalties.

“Moving is a very stressful time,” Schmidt said. “Bad actors may seek to take advantage of this tension and confusion to defraud consumers. In this case, we allege, the defendants failed to meet the stated prices of contracts for moving household goods, extracted excessive fees from consumers, and in some cases, they caused damage to the household items that were transported.”

Schmidt goes on to say that the bureau’s consumer protection division processes hundreds of thousands of complaints each year and works to resolve complaints through a mediation process. While these mediation efforts have been successful, the office collects complaints to determine trends, speak to consumers, and determine if civil or criminal action is necessary.

If you feel you have been cheated, contact the attorney general’s office.


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