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Albers’ theory is aptly illustrated in the 13-acre country retreat in Stuyvesant, New York, owned by Shelhammer and her husband, Georgie Balinoff. In a few short months, they transformed this 1840s three-bedroom farmhouse and the property’s eight ancillary buildings (yes, you read that right) into a modern Eden, with all the amenities of hosting their family and friends just two and a half hours from Manhattan. As a charming sign indicates, there’s a swimming pool, sauna, network of bars and lounges, a movie theater and a vegetable area, not to mention an abundance of quiet spaces. The estate’s name, Rode Barns, comes from three display stables, painted in bright colors inspired by a 1943 Albers oil painting, Related (red). – Anne Keto

East Hampton gameplay

Blue linens from Wells Textiles cover the walls in the twin guest room, where the vintage headboards are by Danny Ho Fong, and the bamboo stools are by Neo Studio.
Photo: Stephen Kent Johnson

In the single-family Long Island complex, two hallmarks of Hamptons architecture sit side by side: a 19th-century Shingle-style salt chest decorated with hydrangeas (they call it the farmhouse) and an ultra-modern heavy-duty chip on glass by the New York City architecture firm of clothing.

“East Hampton is our haven; it’s where we go to breathe and relax,” explains the client, who lives here with her husband and two sons. They took possession of their dilapidated farmhouse in 2018 and knew they wanted a more modern counterpoint. “We needed to find an interior designer. It can link these two very different structures together.”

The client responded to New York City interior designer Neil Beckstead’s talent for what she calls “quiet luxury,” a look honed by a decade working for architect Russell Groves before starting his own business in 2010. For this project, Bextedt recalls, “The client wanted something Understated and livable—not claustrophobic. A new approach in the Hamptons.” And most importantly, “they weren’t afraid of color.” – Hannah Martin

Austin Furniture That Put Family First

The more formal living space features four Ralph Lauren armchairs adorned with antique Swedish cushions from Howe London, two ceramic cocktail tables by Bzippy in Los Angeles, and a coffee table with custom brass inlay by Sawkille in upstate New York. The blue and yellow striped ottoman (feature far left) was made by Davidson from Jared and Genevieve Padalecki’s former Los Angeles home. The piano was owned by Genevieve’s mother.
Pictured: Michael Mueller

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