Mohali Aerocity Development: PSPCL to verify GMADA’s incomplete system takeover

One day after the manager of GMADA requested a detailed report from the engineering department about the overpayment R8.76 crore for the agency that developed Aerocity, Supervisory Engineering PSPCL has also identified an investigation of the relevant officers who seized the unfinished equipment from GMADA in 2019.

The GMADA Director’s action came three years after a technical and financial audit report for the development of Aerocity, located along Airport Road, found that GMADA had given undue benefit from R8.76 crore to Larsen and Toubro, Chennai, who have done various works for the development of the district.

The review was conducted by Water and Energy Consulting Services (WAPCOS), a public sector organization of the Union’s Ministry of Water Resources, and the report was prepared in July 2019.

GMADA designated RA 131 crore area development project for the agency in December 2011. According to the audit report, the agency has carried out various development works in the civil, public health, electricity and horticultural sectors.

In the context of electrical services, the report found that the agency did not lay the sand layer over a double-walled corrugated pipe, which was included in the driven element. Also, energy meters were not installed in the feeders, but were paid for by the agency. The agency installed only 57 compact substations, while GMADA paid them for 67. In this way, a questionable amount R4 crores were paid to the agency.

However, PSPCL took the incomplete equipment from GMADA without any verification or inventory.

Acknowledging this, Ashwani Kumar, Superintendent of Engineering at PSPCL, said they are investigating the matter, and a detailed report has been sought. “Based on that, the responsibility of the relevant officials will be determined,” he said.

Another senior official said there was tremendous pressure from senior GMADA officials to take over the system, as they had to make payments to the developing agency.

Vinod Sharma, president of the City Residents Welfare Association, said that the electrical infrastructure that had been put in place in the area was not in accordance with the load requirements. As a result, residents face constant interruptions for hours, especially during rains. Transformers and installed low pressure cables are not to specification. The cables are multi-jointed, he said, making the electrical system weak and prone to faults.

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