Mom left a voicemail threat to her son’s teacher

The Missoula County District Attorney’s Office charged 14 new criminal complaints this week, which is twice as much as last week and close to the weekly average. According to District Attorney Kirsten Pabst, there is only one case this week of assault on a partner or family member.

“In the non-family violence category, we charged assault with weapon, privacy, communications, and burglary,” Pabst said. In one, a defendant was knocking on doors in his neighborhood and threatening neighbors, which led to a nearly 20-hour standoff with police and RSF. In that case, the defendant was charged with assault with a weapon, but an investigation is underway. We charge privacy and communications fees. In this case, the defendant allegedly left a voicemail threat to her son’s teacher.”

Pabst said the defendant has a history of agitation and threatening school staff. In the burglary case, the defendant attempted to break in her neighbor’s door and threatened to kill her neighbor.

“In the vulnerability category, we brought in four new cases,” Pabst said. “Three of these were a felony DUI, a fourth or subsequent offense. The fourth case relates to drug possession and several traffic offenses. The prosecution there is that the defendant hit the back of a commercial vehicle and ran away. The defendant was identified by the police. During a prison search, they discovered Cocaine and other unknown drugs.

In the property crime category, Pabst said her office was charged with fraud, theft, felony and burglary.

“In one of those, the defendant was causing a scene at a gas station,” Pabst said. “The defendant stalked a clerk, flipped a cigarette in the clerk’s face, and allegedly stole some cigarettes. In the drug category, we charged two new cases of methamphetamine. Finally, we accused of tampering or fabricating physical evidence. In this case, the allegation is that the defendant admitted to bringing a urine sample. false urinalysis claiming that he had been drinking the night before.”

You can listen to Pabst’s full report below:

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