Month-long development began on the Bardstown Road – 89.3 WFPL News Louisville boardwalk

Construction is scheduled to begin early this week along Bardstown Road and the Baxter Avenue corridor. It’s part of a five-month state and local project aimed at improving safety on one of Louisville’s busiest streets.

Bardstown Road is located near the downtown area of ​​the city and hosts many locally owned shops and restaurants. It’s also close to Cherokee Park, one of Louisville’s most popular parks.

The changes will occur on the approximately 1.5-mile stretch of lane between Bonnycastle Street and Broadway in the Highlands neighborhood. They include road resurfacing, pavement extensions and updated intersections.

Louisville Metro Public Works oversees most extensions of sidewalks on the street, replacing some road space with extended restrictions, removing unused overhead lights. Public Works approved a contractor on Monday to begin work on the project, which is due to finish around June or July, according to Metro Council member Cassie Chambers Armstrong.

Jim Hanna, a spokesman for the Kentucky Council of Ministers for Transportation (KYTC), said the state will begin work on the project in July after Public Works completes its portion. The KYTC phase will include resurfacing, improved intersection visibility, and more extensions of the pier.

Tangible and visible changes should be completed by mid-September. The driveway improvement project will end in late October, when KYTC’s work is completed.

Driveway sidewalks will also undergo changes beyond stretches of the sidewalk. The existing large poles holding the driveway lights will be removed, and KYTC will cut down more than 100 spaces for trees in adjacent sidewalks. According to the project plan, there are currently about 20 trees near the street section being renovated.

TreesLouisville, a non-profit organization that promotes and plant urban trees, will be responsible for introducing and maintaining the new trees. Cindy Sullivan, executive director of TreesLouisville, said her organization currently maintains more than 200 trees near Bardstown Road.

Overhead driveway lights will be removed during the renovation of the Bardstown and Baxter Avenue corridor.

At a community meeting Monday to explain upcoming developments, Chambers Armstrong, a Democrat who represents District 8, acknowledged that construction along the road could be frustrating for commuters, and said its impact would go far. It represents the area that includes the extension of the corridor that will be renovated.

“This is an investment in the future of Bardstown Street. It’s an area that needs some love and attention, and I finally got that,” Chambers Armstrong said.

She also cited a safety report commissioned by her predecessor, former Metro Council member Brandon Kwan, as the catalyst for the changes.

2018 study It found an annual average of nearly 550 accidents on the Bardstown Road and Baxter Avenue lane between 2013 and 2017. There were about nine pedestrian strikes per year, some fatal.

Zachary Nihoff, Traffic Operations Supervisor at Kuwait City for Trade and Training, said the project aims to make pedestrians feel protected along the corridor.

“When I walk Bardstown Road, I want to feel comfortable. I want to feel visible and safe. And so our goal in completing this project is to meet all of those needs,” Nehoff said.

Funding for the public works changes was provided by Metro Board and the local community, the latter of which raised $150,000 for the project. Neither Public Works nor KYTC provided total estimated budgets for the renovations.

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