Nathan Buckley Responds to Explosive New Heritier Lumumba Claims, Collingwood Magpies News

Nathan Buckley says his “conscience is clear” despite being the subject of explosive new allegations from former Collingwood star Heriter Lumumba about his time at the club.

Just weeks after confirming his withdrawal from talks with his former club, Lumumba made a number of fresh new claims detailed in the Herald Sun report.

Included in the report is an allegation from the 35-year-old that an assistant coach used pornographic image at a team meeting during Buckley’s tenure as coach.

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Buckley was specifically targeted in the report, with Lumumba claiming the former Magpies coach “was instrumental in punishing a black player for speaking out about racism”.

While Buckley acknowledged he could have handled some of the issues better, he stopped short of confirming any of Lumumba’s claims.

“I’m not going to go into detail and I’m not going to say Herretter is right here, wrong here because that’s his view of the truth,” Buckley said. Breakfast SE.

But there are other versions of the truth that are far from the way he perceives it.

“My work is very different from what it presents, but context becomes important and the whole idea of ​​the process is to have open dialogue and respectful dialogue so that you can move forward in a positive way.

“It seems Heritier doesn’t really want to move on unless, I don’t know, he has to roll heads. I don’t know exactly what he’s looking for or what his requirements are to feel like he’s been listened to.

“He apologized to him – I apologized to him; the club apologized to him … for the environment he was in – and not just Heriter – but the other Indigenous players who came.”

Buckley continued, “I wasn’t perfect as a leader. I wasn’t perfect as a person.

“I consciously thought about this – I put my head on the pillow last night and slept well because I know I own my flaws and own the things I am responsible for.

“My conscience is clear in this regard – it doesn’t mean I was perfect, it doesn’t mean I couldn’t do things better – but I am open minded to keep learning and I think the club is.”

Lumumba’s latest allegations about his time at Collingwood, where he was part of the club’s 2010 Premier League squad that broke the drought, came just days after he said the club “cannot be trusted” to bring about change.

Lumumba accused the Magpies of “arrogance and incompetence” over the club’s handling of the explosive Do Better report, which exposed the club’s systemic racism and led to the resignation of long-time president Eddie McGuire.

Lumumba also accused Collingwood’s legal representatives of being “disrespectful and culturally ignorant” at a meeting designed to create a path toward reconciliation.

The latest report targets Buckley as well as McGuire and former club president Gary Burt.

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