Natural gas is believed to be the cause of a house explosion that injured 3 people in Le Mars, IA


Le Mars, Iowa (KTIV) – Investigators believe the cause of the fire that destroyed two Le Mars, Iowa homes was the natural gas inside the home. They believe the gas was ignited when the water heater was ignited by a substance in the basement of the house.

Two online fundraisers have been set up for those affected. Both are held on the GoFundMe online platform and have been verified for legality by the platform.

The Le Mars Fire Rescue Department was called to the house explosion, at 327 3rd Street SW, at about 6:30 a.m. Wednesday. The house is owned by Bill Anthony of Le Mars and rented by Jeff Dimock.

Firefighters encountered thick smoke and flames coming from debris and materials from the home. A second house to the east, at 321 3rd St SW, had fire damage and the west wall of this house was breached by flying debris. This second house caught fire throughout the interior on the main floor and second floor. A third house at 315 3rd Street SW The back exterior wall of the house was starting to catch fire from falling flaming roofing material from the original house that had exploded.

Firefighters found three injured people upon arrival. One of the men was helped from the basement of the house and suffered burns. There was another man in the street with some burns. A woman was found trapped under the wreckage and was quickly rescued by firefighters. The three individuals and the scene were treated by Le Mars Fire Rescue. Two people were transferred to Floyd Valley Healthcare in Le Mars. They were treated and released. The other person, identified as homeowner Bill Anthony, was flown by Le Mars Fire-Rescue to Mercy Hospital in Sioux and then flown to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska. Anthony is being treated for burn injuries and is in a stable condition.

The house located at 327 3rd St SW is a complete loss and the house located at 321 3rd St SW is also a complete loss from the explosion and subsequent fire. The third house at 315 3rd St SW has been salvaged and is livable.

People felt the explosion in several areas of the community. Damage was reported to more than 14 other properties in the 3-block area near the explosion. This damage ranges from broken windows, broken garage doors, and foundations falling apart, to grouting or shaking of walls in homes.

Total damage can be up to $350,000.

The firefighters were on the site for more than 5 hours.


Le Mars, Iowa (KTIV) – Three people have been sent to hospital after an early morning house explosion in Le Mars, Iowa.

The explosion was reported around 6:30 a.m. Monday at the corner of Third Street and Fourth Street in the southwest. A fire broke out after the explosion, and it took firefighters several hours to completely extinguish it. Le Mars Fire and Rescue currently believes this was a natural gas accident. They believe that natural gas built up inside the house and ignited when the basement water heater was ignited.

“The first station is about five blocks from here, and actually has some stuff that blows up the fire station. The crews there were immediately alerted because of it,” said Commander David Chipper of Le Mars Fire and Rescue. place. So our debris fields were a quarter of a block away here.”

This video, sent to us by Darlene Ferguson, shows the fire that broke out in Le Mars, Iowa Wednesday morning after a house exploded.

When firefighters arrived at the scene, they found three people injured. One man had to be taken out of the basement and he had burns. Another man was found walking down the street with some burns. A woman was found trapped under the rubble but was quickly rescued by firefighters.

These three were taken to different hospitals for treatment. Two were sent to Le Mars Hospital, and officials say they were treated and discharged. The third person, Bill Anton, the owner of the house that exploded, was initially sent to a Sioux City Hospital before being transferred to a burn center in Lincoln, Nebraska. He is currently in a stable condition.

Officials say the house that blew up, located at 327 3rd Street SW, is completely destroyed, with a crater in place and debris scattered throughout the neighborhood. In addition, the house next to it, 321 3rd Street SW, sustained heavy fire damage and heavy casualties. A third house near the blast was also damaged but was rescued and can be reoccupied.

Officials say more than 14 other properties in the 3-block area around the blast have reported some type of damage. These reports ranged from broken windows and garage doors to objects that slid off the walls inside people’s homes.

Le Mars fire chief David Schipper compared the damage to the survey after the hurricane. Crews were checking for damage Wednesday morning, but one thing is for sure, the explosion was powerful.

“I went out and saw smoke a few blocks from my house and it was devastating… I could see, I live two or three blocks to the northeast, and I could see flames as simple as daytime above the trees,” said Robert Trobeau, a resident of Le Mars. That was when I learned something crazy had happened.

Le Mars Fire and Rescue was assisted by Orange City and Sioux Center, along with the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office and the Le Mars Police Department. MidAmerican Energy was also at the scene.

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