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Over the years, the evolution in lifestyles has required traditional locks to do more than just secure a home. Today, people want smarter, more convenient options for managing access to their homes. The question is no longer about who will stay out of the house but who can be allowed in. Security has become a major concern and Häfele’s new digital lock seeks to address the same.

As we move into the future, Häfele brings you digital home security solutions that offer the most advanced technology in digital access modes, security features, convenient settings, and more. The scope sparks serious thinking not only about home security but also about how easy it is to conduct your daily door interactions. In fact, Häfele’s range of digital locks allows you to control the multi-dimensional aspects of home access with a single locking device, according to your specific lifestyle and at the leisure that suits you. So, it’s time to “reimagine access”! Your home space has been redefined with the new Häfele digital lock.

New digital locks – RE-Inforce, RE-Inspire, RE-Push, RE-Split, RE-Design+ and RE-Twist bring you special features such as contemporary design, advanced functionality, easy access and control through a mobile phone. at your fingertips. This is a perfect accessory for your dream home and therefore a must buy.

RE-Inspire: Because simplicity is the ultimate in sophistication!

Stylish, robust design combined with innovative technology: Featuring smooth, simple lines, the RE-Inspire from Häfele makes 100% reliable safety just as easy to breathe. The basic access modes – keypad, RFID and fingerprint – are complemented by smart and innovative technologies such as Bluetooth access (via the Häfele Smart Lock mobile app) and smart home integration (via the Z-wave module). You can pick and choose the level of security you want using one or several modes to keep your home and loved ones safe. RE-Inspire combines safety and aesthetics in RE-Inspire vehicles covered in rich copper and black finishes.

About Havel

Häfele is an international company that provides hardware, mounting and electronic access control systems. All over the world, clients from the furniture industry, dealers, carpenters and cabinetmakers, as well as architects, planners and builders, rely on Häfele’s expertise and performance.

The world is surrounded by legends when it comes to home design or space improvement. We have come to realize that even today, a large percentage of Indian consumers are using traditional interior design ideas or solutions. At this point, Hafele India is taking the leap to break myths regarding space optimization, utilization and trust in technology, with just one idea – Reimagine.

Havel range of innovative home solutions are designed to understand the needs of consumers. They seamlessly integrate unique technology, functionality and designs, thus optimizing space utilization, space functions and space purpose. So, break the myth. With Häfele products, they add a new functional dimension to your home and enhance aesthetics as well. Any Häfele premium home appliances are the natural choice.

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