New food court in the granary, more hotels, rentals in Redwood

Between a new gym that opens at 7 a.m. and a new bar that closes at 1 a.m. (on weekends), Granary is now an 18-hour neighborhood. A lot is going on.

More projects are coming up on an almost weekly basis. Local sellers are rushing to meet the incoming demand.

The newest is a full-service food court and bar at 700 South. These join Slackwater Pizzeria & Pub, which recently opened adjacent to the Industry Office campus at 684 S. 500 W.

These are just some of the updates underway in the capital, which continues to see a boom in hotels, apartments and offices. Developers continue to roll out new projects despite the possible upcoming recession, and other previously proposed projects are in the pipeline.

Here are some updates to start in August, starting with more details about the new food court.

Woodbine Food Hall opens in the granary

The Granary area is generally the area north of 800 South, south of 600 South and between 300 West and 600 West.

Many industrial warehouses in the area have already been purchased by developers who are taking advantage of generous federal tax benefits and incentive projects such as the Industry Building.

It’s safe to say that the area is now a Salt Lake City destination, with a climbing gym, outdoor retail outlets, multiple breweries, and now a Woodbine Food Court at 535 W. 700 S.

Woodbine started opening last month and hosts 3 cups of coffee, banana pizza and dead pan sandwiches. Tacos will open this week. The owner of Tosh’s Ramen will open another restaurant with a different name in the coming months.

The dining space, which has a restaurant license and can serve beer, is a sprawling open area with tables between adjacent restaurants. It is located behind Woodbine Bar, which has already opened and faces 700 south. Consumers can get a drink or food and eat it on the ground level or on the second floor patio.

The dining hall opens onto a pavilion with space for more seating and plenty of food carts. There is ample space around the building for lawn games and even more seating. There is a good amount of bike parking in the front.

The new space replaced the Mexican food brand Rico, which included Frida Bistro and Tequila. (Rico’s depot has moved to Folsom Trail, at 945 W. Folsom Ave.)

The sellers will serve the thousands of people who will call the Granary District their homes in the coming years.

Rentals in Redwood

Garbett Homes joins the rental housing boom with a new project on Redwood Road in Poplar Grove.

The rental cottage project will replace La Cabaña Bar and Restaurant at 538 S. Redwood Road.

Each house will consist of one and two bedrooms, totaling 96 units. The homes will be built in a combination of four rooms, six floors, seven and eight units.

The 46 one-bedroom options will have a one-car garage. The 52 two-bedroom homes will have a two-car garage. An additional 30 parking kiosks will be added to visitors for a total of 180 parking kiosks.

Garbett did not respond to a request for comment on whether this was a departure from the developer, which is primarily focused on residential projects for sale. While it’s experiencing a housing boom, the vast majority of new homes being added to Salt Lake City are rentals.

Garbett will stick to its trend of energy efficiency, making the rental community all-electric. The homes will be pre-equipped with solar power, although it is not clear why renters are adding rooftop solar to their temporary homes. The homes will have R60 thermal insulation in the roof and thicker wall insulation to keep them weatherproof in hot and cold weather.

Hyatt opens in October

The biggest hotel development amid the ongoing hospitality boom in the capital is taking reservations.

The Hyatt Regency, also known as the Convention Center Hotel, is nearing completion at 170 S. West Temple.

The towering 26-storey, 700-room hotel joins some of the tallest buildings on the city skyline. It adds 60,000 square feet of conference space, plus 724,000 square feet of conference space, meeting space and rooms at the adjacent Salt Palace.

It’s been under construction since January 2020, and was announced as a way to bring more events into the heart of the city.

Its completion comes as Salt Lake City attempts to attract the Olympics in 2030 or 2034, and with the outdoor retail fair returning in January.

Hyatt accepts reservations from 17 October. As of Thursday night, nightly rates are not included in the hotel.

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