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Natchez – In a loft above Olivina, a crowd of about 30 people recently gathered for drinks, appetizers, and the opening of Dixon Lofts. Dixon has 3,000 square feet of AEON 514 Main Street living space.

Ceilings are 13 feet high with crown molding, a fully equipped galley kitchen with the latest appliances and an attached balcony overlooking Main Street. Enjoy your morning coffee or a cool refreshing night cap and enjoy the art, music, shopping, dining and nightlife of downtown.

The owners of the Dixon Building are Ginger, John Weaver, Walter and Jennifer Boone. Walter took center stage as he addressed a crowd in front of Natchez’s work for Oliviana and the carpeted stairway entrance to the loft.

“Welcome to The Dixon. It was a great trip for us,” he said. “The lower floor is the retail and office space while the upper floor is the loft. It is now available for rental either short or long term. It goes beyond our wildest dreams, but it’s exactly the vision we had.”

Large seating area with 70 inch flat screen TV is perfect for whimsical gatherings. There are three bedrooms, two of them with king size beds and one with two queens. Each is equipped with a 50-inch flat-screen TV.

Additionally, suites are equipped with en suite bathrooms, and the loft includes a laundry room. You can book a Dixon Loft on Vrbo or AirBnB.

On the lower level, the building will house two tenants, Olivina and Weaver Architecture Firm.

“We are committed to your success, Olivina,” Walter said.

Inside the building, photos from the old days depict Dixon. The structure was built between 1866 and 1872 as a paint and wallpaper shop. The second floor of the building was the home of the Dixon family.

He said Carter Burns helped find old photos of the Dixon Building.

The new owners said they are committed to the future of Natchez and the community. John, Ginger, Walter and Jennifer donated a check to the U.S. Colored Forces Memorial.

“It is an attempt to tell all the history here. He said.

Walter grew up with Natchez Mayor Dan Gibson. Gibson spoke up and thanked them for getting involved in town and seeing the renovation of Natchez. Walter and the City of Natchez thanked him for working with them to open the Dixon Loft.

“What you have here is very special. Every time we come to Natchez we feel loved, supported and helped,” Walter said. “This community is growing in the same direction. Thank you all for what you’re doing.”

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