Norm MacDonald recorded his comedy special in his living room before he died, and we know when it’s coming to Netflix

Before we lost legendary comedian Bob Saget to a head trauma in January, he was The world of comedy was already in mourning Due to the unexpected death of Norm MacDonald in September 2021. Sajit struggled to accept the fact that his friend had leftAnd we will never again see unbridled humor Saturday Night Live The veteran was known. However, eight months after MacDonald’s death, his fandom learned that wasn’t the case at all, as he recorded a new comedy special before his death on Netflix.

Norm MacDonald has passed away at the age of 61 After a long and secret battle with cancer. However, not all of the comedian’s secrets were tragic, as his sister-in-law Joyce Napier revealed in an article for CTV News That MacDonald recorded some new material alone in his living room during the pandemic, and Netflix revealed it Norm MacDonald: Nothing special The show will start on May 30th.

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