Oldham order planning week ending May 8

Various planning requests have been submitted to Oldham District Council, with some decisions also made this week.

A list of orders received can be found below.

Includes planning requests received by Oldham Borough Council last week:

  • Proposed one-story extension to the front of an existing property at 3 Woodlands Sugar Lane, Dobcross, Oldham.
  • A one-story side annex providing machine storage, factory room and car outlet at Lower Gillots Farm Street Bridge Road, Chaderton, Oldham.
  • Two storey temporary housing to provide four classrooms, two foyer areas and to include an external staircase to the first floor and an access ramp and staircase to the ground floor. Pedestrian access and all services to the temporary building will be provided from the current location. The Temporary Buildings Ground Floor measures approximately 12m x 12.4m and offers 274.8m2 of indoor floor space in Crompton House C of E High School, Rochdale Road, Shaw, Oldham.
  • New signage proposed to replace the existing Lyceum school sign in front of the building at 95 Union Street, Oldham.

sLanning applications decmeDrso by Oldham Borough Council last week that:

  • Bungalow back extension at 137 Garforth Street, Chadderton, Oldham. granted.
  • Change of use from Financial Office to Taxi Operating Service at Office 3, First Floor, 2 Greengate Street, Oldham. granted.
  • Replacing the raised patio with more decking and container space with a railing at 46 Rivington Road, Springhead, Oldham. Permission denied.
  • Two-storey rear annex, one-storey front annex and two-storey side extension at 9 The Laws, Oldham. granted.
  • Front and rear dormer windows in 208 Waterloo Street, Oldham. granted.
  • The proposed rear ground floor extension in 113 Roundthorn Road, Oldham. granted.
  • Bungalow back extension at 47 The Fairways, Royton, Oldham. granted.
  • Single storey rear annex including front and rear dormer windows at 281 Waterloo Street, Oldham. granted.
  • Detached replacement garage at 269 Heron Street, Oldham. granted.
  • Garage demolished and replaced with a recreation room and storeroom for use in connection with the dwelling on the land to the southeast of 4 Mount View, Uppermill, Oldham. granted.
  • Part two storey, part first floor front extension and part ground floor rear extension with cantilever aft at 5 Beech Hill Road, Grasscroft, Oldham. granted.
  • Garden home office on a fitted concrete plinth in Leonardin House, Narrowgate Brow, Shaw, Oldham. Permission denied.
  • One storey back extension and cladding of the existing dwelling at 53 Manchester Road, Greenfield, Oldham. granted.
  • Side extension with loft extended above at 450A Rochdale Road, Royton, Oldham. granted.
  • Two-storey side annexe at 19 Berne Close, Chadderton, Oldham. granted.
  • A pair of semi-detached homes at 136 Werneth Hall Road, Oldham. granted.
  • Bungalow side extension at 3 Moorcroft Barn, Millcroft Lane, Delph, Oldham. granted.
  • Partial underground car showroom/garage at Brooklands Lodge, Denshaw Road, Delph, Oldham. Permission denied.

Full application descriptions and resolutions can be found by visiting: www.oldham.gov.uk/info/200351/planning/1866/search_for_an_application

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