One hundred brilliant people between the ages of 15 and 17 are backed by the chance to serve others for life

Global Program Expands Next Generation Leaders Community to 22 New Countries

New YorkAnd the September 22 2022 /PRNewswire/ – today, Schmidt futures contractsin partnership with Rhodes Trustannounced the second set of 100 rise Global winners. Rice finds brilliant people who need opportunities and support them for life as they work to serve others. It’s Schmidt Futures’ flagship program and a broader anchor 1 billion dollars charitable commitment From Eric and Wendy Schmidt To develop talent through their initiatives. Founded in 2019, Rise works with dozens of global partners – from schools to businesses to local governments – in identifying and supporting talented youth aged 15-17 in communities around the world.

The 2022 Rising Global Winners include young people who aim to promote literacy among underprivileged children; Predicting the effect of Alzheimer’s drugs using bioinformatics; making a sustainable gummy vitamin that fights anemia; Educating communities about mental health stigmas and many more. With over 22 new countries represented this year, the Global Program continues to expand its network with a wide range of talented young leaders from diverse backgrounds, including applicants from more than 170 countries.

Schmidt Futures’ mission is to bet early on exceptional people who will make the world better. Betting on young people between the ages of 15-17 and potentially staying with them for life, Rize is the first and longest-running bet on talent in Schmidt Futures’ portfolio.

“We are looking for extraordinarily brilliant people everywhere because genius can have a huge impact on improving the world when applied to its toughest problems.” Eric Schmidtco-founder of Schmidt Futures. “Building a network of brilliant young people who want to make the world better is a major goal of Rise. Development in today’s world depends on people working together.”

“Today’s announcement of the Rise winners is not the conclusion of the process, but rather the starting point for young people in the program. They will have ongoing opportunities to change the world for the better as they continue their education and find ways to collaborate,” he said. Wendy SchmidtCo-founder of Schmidt Futures and President of the Schmidt Family Foundation. “We count on them to become the leaders of the future, using their collective talents to help solve the world’s most difficult problems.”

Rise intentionally remains broad both in talent selection and in their projects to help reveal hidden brilliance, in whatever form it takes, wherever in the world it may be. The program also prides itself on learning about intelligence through unique perspectives and across different focus areas, skills, and issues. Since its inception, Rise has welcomed more than 150,000 people from more than 170 countries into its community, and has selected 200 winners from 69 countries. From more than 120,000 registrants, the 2022 winners were selected after a rigorous application process that included peer and expert review of service projects developed by each applicant, formal talent assessments, and group interviews. The 2022 global winners were distinguished not only for their impactful projects spanning from medical innovation to mental health and education but also for their strength in overcoming adversity.

As a result of the program’s global growth in the second year, Schmidt Futures and The Rhodes Trust are proud to welcome the first program winners from AustriaAnd the AzerbaijanAnd the BelarusAnd the BulgariaAnd the Burkina FasoAnd the GhanaAnd the IsraelAnd the ItaliaAnd the JapanAnd the KazakhstanAnd the LebanonAnd the LibyaAnd the Myanmar (Burma), ParaguayAnd the PolandAnd the RomaniaAnd the Sri LankaAnd the SwitzerlandAnd the TajikistanAnd the TunisiaAnd the Vietnam. Examples of the 2022 Rising Global Winners include:

  • Fook (James) Chow Nguyen (Vietnam): Microfluidics have been used to prototype a cancer-detecting toothbrush, gain startup investment and bioinformatics for global CAR-T cell modeling, and treat various types of cancer.
  • Olga Kuzmich (Belarus): Predict a potential drug effect against Alzheimer’s disease using bioinformatics by calculating differential expression of genes and predicting changes in cells.
  • Kambiré Cyé Antonio Angelberg (Burkina Faso): He created an organization called CMath, leading a group of students to organize the National Math and Physics Olympiad in his country.
  • Bouchra Geagea (Lebanon): She implemented Green Roofs to educate her community about the role of citizens in mitigating global warming and to show how small actions can have a big impact.
  • Auguste Tomato (Lithuania): Create “Desti”, a platform to reduce mental health stigma by providing easy access to education and professional help to reduce suicide rates.
  • Renee Wang (United States of America): creature ruby Non-residential erectable prefab small home unit that offers a self-contained, generous, affordable and sustainable alternative to shelters.

The full list of winners can be found at

“We believe that the solutions to the world’s toughest problems lie in the imagination of the world’s smartest minds,” He said Eric BravermanCEO of Schmidt Futures. “Rising is integral to our mission to create the best, largest and most enduring pipeline of exceptional talent globally and align it with opportunities to serve others for life.”

“Selecting 100 global winners from among such a deep pool of bright young people was a huge challenge, and we are very grateful to all of our partners who helped in the selection process,” he said. Dr Elizabeth KissWarden of Rhodes House in Oxford and CEO of the Rhodes Fund. “New Rise category winners come from every corner of the world, and we can’t wait to bring them together – and then invest in their lifelong journeys to serve their communities and build a better world.

Everyone who applies to Rise joins a global community and has access to opportunities from partners in at least 40 countries around the world. The latest global Rise winners receive additional personalized support including need-based scholarships, mentorship, career development opportunities, potential funding for future projects, technology packages, and more, to enable them to achieve their goals while they work to serve others.

Applications for the next semester will be open on October 2022. For more information on how to apply, visit

About Rise

Rise is a program that finds and supports amazing people who need opportunities for life as they work to serve others. The program starts at ages 15-17 and offers benefits including scholarships, mentorship, access to career development opportunities, funding, and more as global winners work to solve humanity’s most pressing problems. For more information about Rise, visit

About Schmidt Futures

Schmidt Futures is betting early on the exceptional people who make the world better. founded by Eric and Wendy SchmidtSchmidt Futures is a charitable initiative that brings talented people together in networks to demonstrate their ideas and solve challenging problems in science and society. To learn more about our method and the various types of capital and tools we deploy, visit

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